View and Download the Cover of Jonathan Cahn’s Explosive New Book, ‘The Paradigm’

Cover Reveal! Best-Selling Author Jonathan Cahn Launches New Book Video and Sneak Peak of His Newest Book Cover: ‘The Paradigm’

 ‘The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times’ Promises to Be the Most Explosive Book Yet from Cahn

The Paradigm LOW REZNEW YORK— #ThePARADIGMisCOMING campaign has launched in advance of the exciting fall book release of “The Paradigm: The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times” by New York Times best-selling author Jonathan Cahn.


Additionally, Frontline, the publishers of “The Paradigm,” have released the cover of Cahn’s new book today. View the cover here. {will link to the cover graphic & video once available Tues. night} Other new promotional tools for the book include “The Paradigm is Coming” video, as well as the book’s new website,

“The Paradigm’s” publisher is also posting information about the book, which is set to be released on Sept. 19, under #ThePARADIGMisCOMING via several social media outlets, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as Cahn’s social media pages.

Cahn, who caused a stir throughout America and the globe with the release of his instant New York Times bestseller “The Harbinger,” followed that earth-shattering work with “The Mystery of the Shemitah” and “The Book of Mysteries,” also New York Times bestsellers.

In fact, the mysteries of the immensely popular “The Harbinger” continue and are intertwined with the mysteries of “The Paradigm.” The revelation contained in Cahn’s newest book is sure to stun, startle, confound and amaze. One thing is certain—once the veil is removed, one will never see the world the same way again.

“The revelation of ‘The Paradigm’ is so explosive that I was almost reluctant to put it on paper,” Cahn said. “At the same time, I believe it is crucial that we realize what’s happening, the underlying force that is affecting current events and every one of our lives to this day.”

 “The Paradigm” addresses these powerful questions:

  • Is it possible that a blueprint from ancient times holds the secret of our times?
  • Could events that transpired almost 3,000 years ago be determining the news of modern times, and with it, the issues of our lives?
  • Is it possible that this mystery lies behind current events, the rise and fall of leaders, governments and global happenings?
  • Could the people who lived in this ancient template match up with and hold the mystery behind the leaders of our day and who rises to power and who does not?
  • Is it possible that this ancient paradigm has determined and is determining not only the American presidency, but also the timing of current events, in some cases, even down to the exact days and dates?
  • Could a mystery from the ancient Middle East have foretold the course of current events more accurately than any poll or pundit?
  • Could the ancient paradigm have pinpointed the exact date of 9/11 before anyone had any idea? Could it have determined the exact years of Bill Clinton? Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton? Osama Bin Laden? Donald Trump? And more!
  • And what does the ancient paradigm say and portend about what is yet to come—our future? Could it even contain a warning critical for this hour and crucial for all to hear?

Through such chapters as “The Priestess,” “The Warrior,” “The Prophecy,” “The Shadow Queen” and “The Assassin,” Cahn takes the reader on a journey from Middle-Eastern landscapes to Washington, D.C., from ancient palaces to the White House, from mysterious priests and priestesses, ruthless kings and queens, secrets and scandals, gods and goddesses, prophets and holy men, signs and portents, wonders and harbingers.

Long before his previous best-selling books, Cahn was known for opening the deep mysteries of Scripture and for teachings of prophetic import. He leads Hope of the World and the Jerusalem Center/Beth Israel, just outside New York City in Wayne, N.J. He is also a much sought-after speaker, having addressed the United Nations on Capitol Hill and millions of people around the world. Cahn has also been called the prophetic voice of our generation.

“The Paradigm” is published by Frontline, an imprint of Charisma House, which has published books that challenge, encourage, teach and equip Christians, including 13 New York Times bestsellers.


To book Jonathan Cahn for interviews in the weeks leading up to the Sept. 19 release date of “The Paradigm,” contact Beth Harrison at 610-584-1096, ext. 104,, or Deborah Hamilton, 215-815-7716 or 610-584-1096, ext. 102.