What Differentiates the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants from All the Rest?

What Differentiates the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants from All the Rest?

Christian Planners Are Set Apart with Values, Training and Tools Through NACFC’s BRIghten Your Practice’ Conference July 17-20

ORLANDO, Fla.—Christian financial planners certainly work under a different set of guidelines than most secularly focused professionals. Namely, these consultants operate under the Bible’s teachings that all resources are of God and should be stewarded as such here on Earth.

But what sets apart those who are a part of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants (NACFC, www.nacfc.org) even further?

NACFC president and co-founder Mark Minnella designed the first faith-based professional designation program, Christian Financial Consultant and Advisor (CFCA), in the industry. His philosophy is that Biblically Responsible Investing, or BRI, is crucial in today’s culture as more and more companies take political and social stances with their resources. Today, he says, because of an open flow of information, Christians are no longer blind to these corporate policies or their investments, and therefore can’t claim ignorance that their money is going to immoral causes without their knowledge.

“Few would argue that the ultimate goal of investing is to gain additional wealth,” Minnella says. “But at what cost? What if a company you are currently invested in produced a product that was toxic to children? And what if because of that product your child is now deathly ill? Would you be comfortable being a partner in a company that is responsible for your child’s pain? Would the possible gain in financial assets be worth the loss of your son? Would the possible return on investment from owning stock in that company make up for the lifelong struggle your daughter faces?

“Every compromise we accept against God’s sovereignty in this world compromises our relationship with our Father in heaven,” he continued. “What possibly could be worth limiting the fellowship we have with our Father who is the source of everything good and perfect? What value could there be that would be worth restricting the depth of our relationship with the one true God, the author of love itself?”

Minnella imparts this philosophy on NACFC members through resources, training, events and more. He maintains that continuing education is important for financial planners as they work with Christian clients who are increasingly becoming more aware of the impact their God-given resources make in our culture.

This knowledge and these resources will be available to the hundreds of Christian financial planners who will be a part of the upcoming NACFC conference later this month in Charlotte. Set for July 17-20 and with the 2019 theme of “BRIghten Your Practice,” attendees will become immersed in and fully committed to Biblically Responsible Investing, as well as be equipped to help their clients honor God with their resources.

Mark Minnella has served on the board of directors for Timothy Plan, the first mutual funds family to screen for biblical values. Minnella’s extensive background as a leader in the faith-based investment movement brings valuable guidance and discernment to the portfolio management offered through Integrity Investors, LLC, which he also founded and leads. As host of the “More than Money” radio show, he has been the voice of Biblically Responsible Investing on Christian radio for over 15 years. Minnella is also the author of “The Wall Street Awakening.”

The NACFC conference is hosted by the Renaissance Charlotte Suites Hotel, and an excursion to the Billy Graham Library is also planned for Thursday, July 18, at noon. For more information on the conference, including breakout sessions, registration, lodging and a downloadable schedule, visit nacfc.org/annual-conference-2019.

Along with Minnella, speakers at the conference include:

  • Art Ally—the pioneer of Biblically Responsible Investing. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and with over $1 billion in assets under management, Timothy Plan maintains that God is the true “Chairman of the Board.”
  • Dan Marcone—an ordained pastor and licensed mental health counselor. Marcone has master’s degrees in mental health counseling and biblical studies from Reformed Theological Seminary and is a former director under Larry Burkett for Christian Financial Consultants, as well as a member of the merger team with Howard Dayton’s Crown Financial.
  • Harry Nelson—a graduate of The Citadel and former president of Guidestone Capital Management, LLC. Following Christ’s lead, Nelson joined Eventide Funds in 2017 and serves as director of distribution.
  • Mick Owens—founder and president of Creative Financial Design (CFD) and its associated properties. CFD is a full-service broker/dealer and RIA, and also offers real estate services, estate planning services and other avenues of fulfilling its mission to serve as Christ would have us serve. Owens, with 50 years in financial services, published his first book, “The Diamond of Life,” in 2017.
  • Glenn Repple—founder and president of GA Repple & Company, a full-service, Christian broker/dealer and RIA. With nearly 50 years of service in the securities industry, Repple serves on numerous boards and is a published author, podcast host and motivational speaker.
  • Walt Wiley—former Walk Thru the Bible seminar instructor, chaplain of the Atlanta Braves and founder/president of Winning with Encouragement Ministries. Wiley speaks and teaches regularly in various settings. His style is motivational, inspirational, biblical, practical and peppered with humor.

The mission of the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants is to teach, train and encourage financial professionals to learn, share and instruct biblical stewardship to individuals and families believing that “it profits a man nothing to gain the whole world and lose his soul” (Matthew 16:26). Members will glorify God by impacting their world for Jesus Christ through teaching and practicing biblical stewardship.

For more information on NACFC, visit nacfc.org. View the media page for NACFC here.