What Is Happening to America?

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What Is Happening to America?

American Pastors Network: Our Fundamental View of Morality Is Contributing to a Dramatic Shift in the American Culture

PHILADELPHIA—“What is happening to America?” It’s a question many have asked over the past several years, as the culture has shifted dramatically.

It’s a question churches and pastors must consider too, says, the American Pastors Network (APN, www.americanpastorsnetwork.net).

APN President Sam Rohrer explored this topic on a recent “Stand in the Gap Today” program, the radio ministry of the American Pastors Network. Rohrer’s guest for the discussion was former Minnesota Congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

“Something is happening in America that defies the imaginations of most Americans 50 and above,” Rohrer said. “For those under 50 or so, the America they knew has changed. What does it mean when Antifa protesters in D.C. can chant and scream, ‘no walls, no borders, no USA,’ and the media chooses to make it a non-issue. How can NFL football players dishonor our flag by kneeling during the national anthem and believe they are expressing some civic duty? Have we become so morally unhinged that right and wrong are now interchangeable or totally dismissed as a guiding principle?

“We chose to focus on this question of ‘What’s Happening to America?’ because it’s a question most people carry within themselves every day,” Rohrer added. “Yet the real question comes down to the ‘why.’ We know that change is the one predictable aspect of life, yet ‘what’ and ‘why’ are such fundamental changes occurring seemingly so quickly? These changes include our view of morality, where babies can be killed in the womb, sexual slavery abounds and the U.S. changes through our courts, which rule that God’s definition of marriage between a man a woman is no longer valid. These changes also include people saying they want to murder the president and harass those who work for him, but no one would dare speak out against Islam and sharia law. Lying and deception runs rampant from those in the positions of authority, be it in the media, public office, Department of Justice, FBI and Special Counsels and even in the pulpits of America. And there appears to be no real consequence.”

Besides connecting some “cultural dots,” Rohrer and Bachmann also aimed to connect “prophetical dots” relative to how America and President Donald Trump figure into the global future. The following clips from the program featuring Bachmann given further insight into the hourlong conversation:

  • What should be the main focus of the “True Church” and Christians in America? Listen
  • To what extent is God using America to fulfill Biblical prophecy? Listen
  • How have cultural shifts changed education? Listen
  • No consequences for Leftists? Listen

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