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When Pastors Abuse Their Power, Does Forgiveness Require Restoration?

By David Sidebotham for REAL CLEAR RELIGION

It is incredibly unfair and damaging to put people who are struggling with addiction back into an environment that will worsen that addiction. Having a recovering alcoholic work the open bar at a wedding reception isn’t trusting – it’s cruel. Habitual sin is addictive, and sexual sin is the heroin of habitual sin.

So why is Johnny Hunt returning to the pulpit?

Johnny Hunt is a man accoladed as “one of the greatest pulpiteers in (a) generation.” He presided over the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) – the largest Protestant denomination in America – from 2008-2010, and resigned from the North American Missions Board after admitting he had a sexual encounter with another pastor’s wife. To be clear, he was accused of having sexually assaulted her, an allegation that investigators found to be credible and included in their report.

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