Who We Are

With established systems that produce predictable success and the flexibility to take advantage of breaking opportunities, Hamilton Strategies has aligned with the most influential and successful organizations in the world. Our enduring relationships with the media have allowed us to become a reliable resource and initiate conversations about the most important issues of our time.

So what makes Hamilton Strategies different from other media agencies? Our hospitality, advice and family environment help staff members and clients thrive. But most importantly, our determination to bring clients’ conservative, faith-based messaging into media conversations has helped numerous people to recognize and accept God’s glory for all humankind.

The staff of Hamilton Strategies is composed of knowledgeable individuals who have significant background in public relations, journalism, marketing and other aspects of the communications field. Our core team members embody crucial skill sets that allow clients to effectively communicate their message to media and constituents.

These gifts include writing, proofreading and editing, news release distribution, engaging with secular and Christian media contacts (those who have already formed relationships with Hamilton Strategies, as well as new media), arranging various media opportunities (interviews with print and broadcast outlets, opinion pieces), coordinating radio and television syndication, establishing advertising for client events, constructing communications plans, organizing media impact reports for clients, and much more!

Grounded by our Christian values and strengthened by our proven processes, we connect, engage and inspire a growing community of supporters to expand your reach and increase your effectiveness. Just ask our clients.  Their confidence in our work has allowed us to grow exponentially since 2005. Our record of achievements and our sustained thought leadership allows us to continue to drive the discussion at the intersection of faith and humankind. To God we give the glory.

We invite you to bring Hamilton Strategies on your journey to grow as a name and as a brand—not just locally, but regionally, statewide, nationally, and globally. Hamilton Strategies’ expertise, in addition to your vision and insights, will produce well-rounded opportunities for all. Are you ready to share your message and experience His blessings?

Welcome to Hamilton Strategies. We are ready to learn more about you.

Our Mission

Hamilton Strategies provides public relations and media syndication services for faith-based, mission driven organizations by producing research based, creative communications because we believe in living out God’s calling through the organizations we serve.