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Why Are City Officials Squashing Christian Ministries?

by Alex McFarland for THE CHRISTIAN POST

LGBTQ+ radicals unsurprisingly have found another target — a cherished American institution in the famed resort town of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. City leaders of Myrtle Beach and its long-time religious community must face down the ultimatum against a local Christian ministry.

The “problem” is a local Christian ministry called Ground ZeroThis situation is worthy of notice for all Americans who care about the preservation of our Constitutional liberties. Regardless of your faith persuasion and whether or not you ever vacation in Myrtle Beach (as millions of Americans annually do), please know that a significant struggle is taking place.

I am intimately familiar with the city of Myrtle Beach and the ministry known as Ground Zero. In my 59 years, there have been, at most, 2-3 years that my family didn’t spend part of the year in Myrtle Beach. Like so many Americans, generations of our families have made Myrtle Beach a part of our lives and memories.

For years, my grandparents ran a hotel there called the Helena Villa. My wife and I owned a house facing the ocean on Myrtle’s famed “Golden Mile.” For a time, I served as Board Chaplain for Ground Zero, and founder Scott Payseur is an exemplary ordained ministry whom I have known for nearly 20 years.

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