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February 28, 2017

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With Nearly a Quarter of a Million Members, Samaritan Ministries Poised for Accelerating Growth

 Samaritan Team Expanding in Peoria, Ill., Launches New Website and Is Named One of the Best Christian Workplaces

PEORIA, Ill.Samaritan Ministries International (samaritanministries.org), one of the largest health care sharing ministries in America, is poised for accelerating growth, as it continues to add staff, welcomes more members and expands its website.

The Samaritan Ministries team, based in Peoria, Ill., is growing rapidly and now employs 273 staff members, and is interviewing applicants to add many more. (See opportunities at samaritanministries.org/careers.)

Samaritan Ministries was also recently named to the Best Christian Workplace list. Employees from approximately 300 Christian organizations across the nation participated in the survey, and 119 organizations that surveyed at a 4.0 or above were certified as Best Christian Workplaces by the Best Christian Workplace Institute. Samaritan has now been a certified Best Christian Workplace for nine years in a row.

“In a day when technology and social media has taken over community, our staff comes to work each and every day to be the hands and feet of Christ to our members in a very personal and compassionate way,” said Justin Easley, Samaritan’s vice president of human resources/staff development. “While SMI continues to invest in technology to meet the demands of sharing medical needs, our staff will continue to ensure that Biblical community and bearing one another’s burdens is not lost in the shuffle of price or ease at the expense of being able to truly connect our brothers and sisters in Christ with each other as they love the least of these. That’s why we come to the office every day—to bring honor and glory to God by investing in one another.”

Samaritan members pay a monthly share of just $495 for a family of any size, while individuals pay $220 and couples pay $440. Samaritan members also pray for one another and include notes and cards of encouragement and comfort with their monthly shares, which they send directly to other families.

Samaritan Ministries also recently unveiled a newly designed website that provides visitors with all the information they might need when considering health care sharing. The user-friendly site features stories and testimonials from Samaritan members, how the sharing process works, health resources, the Biblical reasons for sharing one another’s medical needs, guidelines for sharing, frequently asked questions, information about health care sharing and the Affordable Care Act, and monthly share amounts for individuals, couples and families.

Today, Samaritan members share $23 million per month in medical needs, following the Bible’s teachings to “bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ” (Galatians 6:2 | ESV).

Samartian members in all 50 states, and overseas, share one another’s needs, are exempt from the ACA’s individual health insurance mandate and do not share in needs for unbiblical practices, such as abortion.

“We’re excited about the many blessings God has given us,” said Anthony Hopp, Samaritan’s vice president for external relations. “From growing our staff to welcoming more members, Samaritan has been honored to provide nearly 69,000 households (225,000 individuals) the refreshing opportunity to apply the principles of New Testament living to 21st-century health care. Nationally, the health care landscape is changing daily, and hundreds of thousands have chosen to trust in God and the Bible’s teachings by directly sharing one another’s medical needs in this household-to-household, non-insurance approach to health care.”

For more information on Samaritan Ministries International, visit www.samaritanministries.org, or follow the ministry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.




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Samaritan Ministries International is a health care sharing ministry that seeks to help members of the body of Christ carry out His Great Commission by helping Christians to obey Jesus’ command to care for one another. Samaritan Ministries offers a Biblical, non-insurance approach to health care needs.