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Wretched Radio Airs on CSN Network’s 380 Stations During Drive Time Beginning Dec. 2

November 26, 2019

ATLANTA, Ga.—Beginning Monday, Dec. 2, Wretched Radio (www.wretchedradio.com) will air weekdays during the drive-time hour of 6 p.m. MT on CSN Christian Radio, which includes 380 stations airing programming across 43 states and one international location.

Like no other Christian broadcast, Wretched Radio, hosted by Todd Friel, focuses on proclaiming the Good News for wretches. Youth and adults alike love the engaging, conversational and spontaneous delivery of Wretched. Fast-paced, energetic, topical, theological and fun, Wretched Radio artfully weaves between contemporary and classic topics.

“We are thrilled to be able to share Wretched’s radio programming with new listeners through CSN radio stations nationwide,” Friel said. “We know that Christians are looking for programming that challenges them, tackles tough topics, grows their faith and spurs them to share the Gospel with others.”

The newly retooled half-hour, daily program from Wretched includes new features such as “Witness Wednesdays,” where Wretched hosts hit the streets and engage unbelievers with the Gospel; and “Apologetics Applied,” where Wretched models apologetics by breaking down current news and Christian history.

Wretched’s three-fold goals include to passionately proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ, equip the saints to proclaim and defend the truth and strengthen the local church. There is no other program like Wretched, and listeners hear the difference—fast-paced, energetic, entertaining but theologically serious.

“Listening to Todd Friel made me realize that I was a false convert,” said a listener named Tom. “I have now repented, professed my faith in Jesus, turned off the broad road and am striving to walk the narrow road.”

Added Logan, “I want to say thank you for your ministry. My wife heard the Gospel because of God using your ministry. I launched into ministry because God used your ministry. Our three kids consistently hear the gospel and learn the faith because God used your ministry. I am fully convicted of the church’s need for biblical counseling because God used your ministry.”

Likewise, Sakke sent a thank you from Finland.

“I truly love and binge-watch your videos on YouTube almost every day,” Sakke said. “As a believer who serves as a teacher in my fellowship, I find your videos stimulating and comforting because here in Finland, reformed conservative theology is scoffed upon a lot.”

Amy added, “I’m very, very grateful to God for your ministry. God has brought you into my life at the perfect time, and your daily companionship and wisdom has been life-saving and life-changing.”

Wretched Radio’s daily half-hour edition is a solid 26-minute, self-contained block of programming. Also available is Wretched Radio’s daily one-hour program, along with one-hour and two-hour weekend editions, plus the new 60-second doses of Wretched Minutes. All programs are delivered via FTP, Amb-OS or as a direct download from the Wretched website. For information on airing Wretched programs, contact Media@HamiltonStrategies.com or affiliate@wretched.org. Click here to listen to Wretched Radio programs.

For more information on Wretched Radio and Wretched TV, visit its web site at www.WretchedRadio.com, its Facebook page, its Twitter feed @WretchedRadio, the Wretched blog or on its YouTube Channel.


For more information on airing Wretched Radio or to set up an interview with Todd Friel, contact Hamilton Strategies, Media@HamiltonStrategies.com, 610.584,1096, ext. 100.