Dan Celia for Townhall | DNC, Special Counsel, FBI, Clinton Foundation – and Tax Reform?

(This post originally appeared in townhall.com | Image from townhall.com)

By Dan Celia

DNC, Special Counsel, FBI, Clinton Foundation – and Tax Reform?

The Russian political backfire is being heard around the world—well, maybe only in Washington, D.C. Yet, despite the latest Clinton Foundation news and the corruption within the Clinton Campaign, the Left is still trying to paint tax reform as a benefit to only the rich.

It’s becoming more apparent that I’ve been right all along: The scent of the swamp is rather mild in comparison to the stench of the cesspool. Things are likely to get a little bit hotter around the District of Columbia, and it’s not going to involve President Trump. Some Republicans can’t seem to bring themselves to live in an environment where their do-nothing political status is being dramatically shaken to the core.

They have little left to do but say goodbye to their dream of living out their days maintaining the status quo in their royal-elite positions. All of this because someone dares to stand up to politics as we know them and instead work for the American people. It’s amazing to watch what one man can do when he isn’t beholden to special interest groups, lobbyists or political elites.

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