Public Relations

Imagine the effectiveness of bringing the power of your ministry’s vision to span the broad spectrum of media. We will combine public relations using precise messages, paid media targeting specific demographics, email communications and the Internet to bring synergy to all of our efforts and bring awareness to your message via all media channels. The combination of these strategies is many times greater than any outreach by itself.

We at Hamilton Strategies will use our experience to bring all of these forces together to impact a much larger audience that is interested in the work of your organization. With our culture increasingly succumbing to philosophies and ideologies that oppose Scripture, we seize these ready opportunities for our clients to speak truth into the culture and to share the love of Jesus Christ.

We are a team dedicated to finding the solutions to your ministry objectives. That means listening to you, understanding your budget and developing a strategy and timeline to build a cohesive plan that has been proven to work time and again.

Our expertise is in the integration of public relations, media placement, and other marketing functions to create a synergy which allows you to carry on the work to which you have been called.

Contact Deborah Hamilton about how our public relations expertise can help your organization grow bigger than you even imagined.