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3 main defenses against child abuse

By Nicole Mulkey, Telios Law for THE CHRISTIAN POST The movie “Sound of Freedom” struck a chord with American audiences this summer — and not necessarily a comfortable one. The

AI Deities — Trivializing Jesus (and Satan)

By James Spencer for THE CHRISTIAN POST An artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot now offers “a divine connection in your pocket” by allowing users to “text with Jesus.” While some may

The Threatening Potential of AI and Child Abuse

By Judge Phil Ginn, Southern Evangelical Seminary for FOX NEWS AI’s potentially destructive uses against children may already outweigh any positive utilizations Most Americans don’t have a clue about artificial

4 Logical Consequences of the Woke University

By Brian Godawa for WND News Center In 1948, American scholar Richard M. Weaver published a book entitled “Ideas Have Consequences.” In it, he argued that the decline of Western

Chemnitz, Germany 11-12-2022. Karl Marx Monument

Stop the Marxist Makeover of the U.S. Military

By Frank Gaffney, Secure Freedom Radio for TOWNHALL It’s time we face an unpalatable reality. Nothing less than the national security of the United States hangs in the balance. The

Does Abortion Really Constitute Health Care?

By Michael Miller, Samaritan Ministries for CHARISMA NEWS Health care for some should not involve paying for the death of others. As America marks the first anniversary of the Dobbs

A Back-to-School Warning

By Sheri Few, Op-ed Contributor, for USPIE – Parents of children going back to school — be warned! Your kids will continue to learn Marxist theories, hyper-sexualization, anti-American propaganda, social

Rethinking the Need to Prove that God Exists

Do we need to prove that God exists? In a recent Christian Post op-ed, one author emphatically says no. The author says that many think “evidence against God’s existence is too overwhelming”

The Spiritual State of America

By Patti Garibay for THE CHRISTIAN POST   America’s spiritual future is at risk. Recent studies conducted by Pew Research Center have concluded that in 2020, 64% of Americans, including children,