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Strong Connections

Hamilton Strategies has developed deep and lasting relationships with members of the press on behalf of our clients for nearly two decades. Our clients feel assured that Hamilton represents them with the utmost detail, professionalism and expertise – and the results speak for themselves. Media relations is a process but we are in for the long haul. There are entire generations at stake and we aim to work as hard as we can so our clients can help rescue those who have no hope.

Hamilton’s purpose is to be useful to journalists and hosts. We inform the public with the help of our media friends across the nation, of a ministry’s or organization’s mission and practices in an honest, consistent and credible manner. We develop synergistic relationships with media outlets, journalists, bloggers, podcasters and influencers to garner publicity for all of our clients.

Our Media Relations Services

• Audience research

• Expert spokespersons

- Cultural issues

- Biblical truth

• Media placement

• Media resource

• Long-term relationships

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Media Relations
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