Program Syndication

Radio reaches an impressive 92% of all Americans age 12 or older, or has about 240,000,000 listeners each week. Also, 94% of adults in the $75,000+ household income bracket are reached by radio each week—with daily tune-in times over 2½ hours.

View a sampling here of the excellent programming syndicated by Hamilton Strategies and see how you can add these shows—ranging from one minute to two hours—to your radio lineup.

At Hamilton Strategies, we believe that with proper analysis, oversight and historical response data, radio can prove to be a great partner in the growth of your organization. We also work with the largest Christian television networks in the U.S. and abroad in an effort to reach more people with your important message.

Three decades of building relationships makes these avenues available to you, after God’s grace and favor have paved the way to talk to the best of the best in Christian media. And we know them all.

Hamilton Strategies is determined to build relationships on behalf of our clients with media partners that are dedicated to further your mission. We will help you develop long-term partnerships with stations that are built upon trust and common goals. Because our relationships with Christian broadcasters span more than 25 years, we will only present opportunities that are proven to be effective in expanding your ministry’s reach.

Through our ongoing analysis and testing of each station’s response, we can maximize your investment in radio. To learn more about leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of broadcast media to expand the reach of your ministry, contact Michael Hamilton about radio syndication today.