AHG—Guidebooks Are Needed for Skills in the Wilderness; the Bible Is a Guidebook Full of Tools to Equip Girls for Life

American Heritage Girls Prepares for Outdoor and Camping Skills Week May 10 – 14

May 3, 2021

CINCINNATI, Ohio As the weather warms up across the country, camping season begins! American Heritage Girls (AHG, http://www.americanheritagegirls.org), will be hosting an Outdoor and Camping Skills Week from May 10-14, 2021. This weeklong event will give the girl members an opportunity to learn how to develop the skills needed for a successful camping adventure this summer.

“Wherever you fall on the outdoorsy spectrum – whether you are a wilderness warrior or a bashful backyard-only camper – this event was created to empower girls at all skill levels to get outside,” stated Patti Garibay, founder and executive director of AHG. “As the girls grow in their outdoor and camping skills during the weeklong event, we encourage them to take the opportunity to experience God’s glory as it is revealed in nature.”

To celebrate this special event, AHG has prepared an event guide that provides a skill set schedule for the participating troops. Girls are asked to create their own outdoor guidebook to store important outdoor information regarding tools and equipment, first aid, maps and personal records of their thoughts and experiences. In addition to their daily biblical reflection, the skill set events include:

  • Skill Set 1 – Preparing for Adventure. Participants will be tasked with creating their own outdoor guidebook to note all their week’s adventures. They will be asked to include a favorite Scripture about the outdoors, a “What to Wear” section and a list of important lessons learned.
  • Skill Set 2 – Hiking the Trails. Participantswill record their experiences while hiking. The girls will be asked to include drawings of poisonous plants that they might find on the trails and weather signs found in the clouds.
  • Skill Set 3 – Caring for Creation. Participants will write a psalm and record their observations with a diagram.
  • Skill Set 4 – Fun around the Fire. Participants will record fire safety and fire building skills learned for successful fires in the future.
  • Skill Set 5 – Nighttime Merriment. Participants will draw a sky map from their perspective and include a starry piece of art.

In addition to the skill set activities, AHG girls will participate in contests, watch videos created by other girls and connect with each other virtually by sharing their activities online.

“Each day, the girls will be given a specific outdoor guidebook task paired with a connection to their faith,” continued Garibay. “As they create their outdoor guidebooks, the girls will be asked to think about how wonderful it is to know that God gave Christ-followers the Bible as a resource full of tools to equip them for life circumstances.”

American Heritage Girls was founded by a group of parents wanting a faith-based, scout-type character development program for their daughters in 1995. American Heritage Girls across the nation and the globe participate in badge programs, service projects, leadership opportunities, and outdoor experiences, all with an emphasis on Christian values and family involvement.

In addition to the biblically based parenting advice shared in the Raising Godly Girls blog and Raising Godly Girls radio features that are heard on 770 radio stations, American Heritage Girls provides a community experience in a Troop setting. Girls benefit from Christ-centered friendships and mentors to assist them in becoming Godly girls.

Today there are Troops in all 50 states and in 15 countries around the world through the Trailblazer Program. A variety of Christian denominations are also represented as Charter Organizations for Troops. There are thousands of volunteer members across the country helping girls to grow in their faith, cultivate a heart for service, enjoy the great outdoors, and have more fun than they can imagine.


To schedule interviews with Patti Garibay, founder and executive director of American Heritage Girls (AHG, www.americanheritagegirls.org), contact Media@HamiltonStrategies.com, Marjorie Pratt, 610.584.1096, ext. 107, or Deborah Hamilton, ext. 102.