Alleged Carjacking and Murder of UberEats Driver by Two Teen Girls Rocks the Nation

American Heritage Girls: ‘This Is a Duo of Misguided, Morally Bankrupt Young Women’

April 5, 2021

CINCINNATI, Ohio Last week, headlines announced the murder of a 66-year-old UberEats driver, Mohammad Anwar, during a daytime carjacking in Washington DC. The perpetrators are an unlikely duo – two girls aged 13 and 15. A “graphic video” posted to social media revealed Anwar in a struggle with the two suspects, who crashed and flipped the car with him hanging onto the side. After delivering Anwar to the hospital, police said, “all lifesaving efforts failed, the victim was pronounced dead.”

“Anwar was a beloved husband, father, grandfather, uncle, and friend who always provided a smile when you needed one,” said the GoFundMe for Anwar. “He leaves behind a family, near and far, who cherish, love, and miss him dearly.”

“How could two young teen girls become so numb to the value of life that they decide to steal a grandfather’s car, insist on pressing the gas, despite his desperate pleas for help and then accuse the injured victim of stealing their cellphone?” asked Patti Garibay, founder and executive director of American Heritage Girls (AHG,

“This is a duo of misguided, morally bankrupt young women.

“Today’s girls desperately need role models who will guide them in life’s choices, teaching them right from wrong, demonstrating love, respect and compassion for all human life and challenging them to aspire to goals that will result in a positive contribution to society.  Today’s girls need to see beyond their image on TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram and materialism to truly understand the beautiful creation that God has designed them to be. 

“I ask that Christian women consider mentoring a young woman in need of understanding ‘who she is’ and ‘whose she is.’ We must remember the old adage of ‘the hand that rocks the cradle does rule the nation.’”

American Heritage Girls was founded by a group of parents wanting a faith-based, scout-type character development program for their daughters in 1995. American Heritage Girls across the nation and the globe participate in badge programs, service projects, leadership opportunities, and outdoor experiences, all with an emphasis on Christian values and family involvement.

In addition to the biblically based parenting advice shared in the Raising Godly Girls blog and radio features that are heard on 770 radio stations, American Heritage Girls provides a community experience in a Troop setting. Girls benefit from Christ-centered friendships and mentors to assist them in becoming Godly girls.

Today there are Troops in all 50 states and in 15 countries around the world through the Trailblazer Program. A variety of Christian denominations are also represented as Charter Organizations for Troops. There are thousands of volunteer members across the country helping girls to grow in their faith, cultivate a heart for service, enjoy the great outdoors, and have more fun than they can imagine.


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