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American Catholics are aware of Christian persecution but need leadership from clerics

BY DENISE LAUGESEN for The Hill | Image from The Hill

A poll of American Catholics shows many in the pews are aware of worldwide persecution of Christians, but need more leadership to make it a priority for the church in United States.

The Aid to the Church in Need-USA (ACNUSA) survey reveals the extent to which American Catholics are aware of Christian persecution throughout the world, and to what extent they feel the pope, their bishops and their parish priests make the issue a priority. While 40 percent of U.S. Catholics believe persecution is “severe,” and almost half think Pope Francis is “very engaged” on the issue, only 27 percent say the same of their local bishops. Even fewer, 24 percent, feel their parishes are “very involved.” Only half of American Catholics have donated in the past year to an organization that comes to the aid of persecuted Christians.

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