American Family Association Called on Citizens to Urge Release of FISA Memo—More to Come?




American Family Association Called on Citizens to Urge Release of FISA Memo—More to Come?

AFA Thanks Americans Whose Efforts Led to Release of Crucial Memo


TUPELO, Miss.—Bombshell news of the declassified Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) memo that rocked Washington was perhaps just the tip of the iceberg, with more reports possibly still to come, according to Axios.

Before the memo was declassified and made public, the American Family Association (AFA, sent an Action Alert to its more than one million friends and supporters calling on them to urge Congress to release the FISA memo.

“Christians hold dear America’s fundamental liberties, such as the freedom of religious expression, which allows the faithful to advance the gospel without fear of government intrusion,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “This liberty, however, is only secure when government officials maintain fidelity to the constitutional republic of the United States, which is why transparency is so important.

“We thank the many concerned citizens who contacted President Donald Trump, their representatives and their senators through our AFA Action Alert, urging them to take the necessary steps to declassify and release the FISA memo to the American public,” Wildmon continued. “The memo highlights extensive, abusive and likely illegal surveillance of private American citizens by federal government agencies, and contains details of a coordinated effort between government agencies, including the DOJ and FBI, and the Hillary Clinton political campaign, against President Trump, both prior to and following the presidential election. Citizen action helped get the controversial four-page FISA memo released so the public could be aware of its egregious contents.”

AFA also sent a follow-up thank you Action Alert, which contained a list of the memo’s contents.

“We appreciate those AFA friends and supporters who took the time to contact their elected officials,” Wildmon added. “Americans deserve to know to what extent U.S. agencies and elected officials have abused their power and illegally and unjustly conducted surveillance on its own citizens.”

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