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July 27, 2022

CINCINNATI, Ohio —On her national radio program “Raising Godly Girls,” Founder and Executive Director of American Heritage Girls Patti Garibay discussed the ramifications of an “instant gratification” culture on girls.

Garibay stated, “Your daughter is growing up in an ‘on-demand’ world. Shopping sites that deliver within 24 hours, rideshare apps that instantly find drivers, and grocery curbside pickup are all novelties that may be common to her.

“With so much at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that many of today’s youth struggle to develop self-control and live on impulse instead.”

Garibay continued, “Ask your girl to create a list of things she does impulsively. Maybe it’s checking her phone every two minutes, or going straight for the TV right after school. Help her find ways to spend her time more intentionally. That might mean turning off notifications to ditch the phone habit or completing homework before grabbing the TV remote. Over time, she will learn to give up impulsivity for intentionality.”

The “Raising Godly Girls” radio feature and Raising Godly Girls blog shares guidance and biblically based advice on many key topics affecting girls today. It gives parents, educators, and faith community leaders a set of tools and resources to assist in raising girls after God’s own heart. The “Raising Godly Girls Minute” with Patti Garibay airs on 900+ Christian radio stations across America. 

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