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March 2, 2022

CINCINNATI, Ohio —On her national radio program “Raising Godly Girls,” Founder and Executive Director of American Heritage Girls Patti Garibay recently emphasized the importance of encouraging girls to grow as godly leaders in today’s modern age.

Garibay stated, “Today’s girls are full of the ingenuity to lead others in ways that are unlike generations past. Their minds are wired differently, and they see the world through a unique lens. After all, today’s girls are raised in a world of smart and rapid-moving technology.”

Garibay continued, “Connect your girl to a faith-based character development program. There she’ll have opportunities to plan and facilitate service projects with other girls. Be a guiding post for her… give her the space to ask questions, seek answers, and discover ways for application so that she learns to think and lead on her own.

“Remind her of these words in 1 Timothy: ‘Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers…’”

The “Raising Godly Girls” radio feature and Raising Godly Girls blog shares guidance and biblically based advice on many key topics affecting girls today. It gives parents, educators, and faith community leaders a set of tools and resources to assist in raising girls after God’s own heart. The “Raising Godly Girls Minute” with Patti Garibay airs on 900+ Christian radio stations across America. 

Read more about Garibay, AHG and “Raising Godly Girls” or visit the AHG website, its Facebook page, on its YouTube channel, or on Twitter @AHGnews.