American Pastors Network: Every Aspect of Culture Affected in 2018; 2019 Slated for Major Culture Change

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American Pastors Network: Every Aspect of Culture Affected in 2018; 2019 Slated for Major Culture Change

In 5 Years, APN Influence Has Energized Thousands of Pastors to Address Cultural Crises from the Pulpit and Change Lives

PHILADELPHIA—During the Christmas and New Year seasons, the American Pastors Network (APN) is looking back on five years in ministry and the blessings God has bestowed in the realms of media, state chapters, resources, pastor reach and more.

“It has been gratifying and humbling to look back on this time and realize all God has accomplished through the American Pastors Network,” said APN President and radio and television host Sam Rohrer. “We are ever mindful that this ministry belongs to God; it does not belong to us, we only lead and steward it. An attitude of genuine thankfulness is necessary for God’s continued blessing—it is an act of worship. We take to heart that God commands His leaders to rehearse what God has done to those within their sphere of influence so that our listeners and viewers know our heart and are open to God’s leading to walk along with us in their prayers, finances and time.”

In 2018, APN debuted its new “Stand in the Gap” television program, which considers transcending cultural issues, seemingly difficult to navigate, from a biblical worldview perspective. “Stand in the Gap TV” airs on several networks, including WBPH in Philadelphia, VCY-TV in Milwaukee and Upliftv nationally.

“While bringing clarity to cultural confusion and making sense of the nonsense around us, ‘Stand in the Gap TV’ focuses on root problems and applies biblical principles so God’s people can know the truth,” Rohrer said. “And, praise God, more than 27 million households have access to this program—in less than a year!”

For the weekly, half-hour program, Rohrer and co-host and millennial pastor Isaac Crockett welcome expert guests to lend insight into topics such as: gun control, immigration, opioid addiction, race relations, Israel, Islam, marriage, voting and more.

The “Stand in the Gap” radio ministry includes the 60-second “Stand in the Gap Minute” radio feature, which airs on about 385 stations, and “Stand in the Gap Today,” which airs on more than 400 stations and is co-hosted by APN leaders Gary Dull and Dave Kistler, who both serve as presidents of APN state chapters. Additionally, “Stand in the Gap Weekend” re-airs the most engaging segments from the previous week on about 240 stations.

Rohrer added that the ministry has also been blessed through leaders at the state level who have taken up the charge to formulate eight American Pastors Network state chapters in Arkansas, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Three others are preparing to launch in 2019.

State chapter presidents say they are thankful for the leadership APN has provided at the national level so they can make a difference in their states.

“The strong biblical worldview to stand in the gap was exactly what attracted us to APN—that we could come together under the umbrella of American Pastors Network and make a major difference across our state and unite Bible-believing preachers to stand in the gap for our country and our nation and our state and our counties and our communities,” said Dale Walker, president of the Tennessee Pastors Network.

Keith Carnahan, president of the Missouri Pastors Network, said the need is great for a national network of pastors because there are always forces vying for pastors’ time and energy.

“We need to energize the pastors in their pulpits,” Carnahan said. “We need to get them to engage in the culture. I’m 65 years old, so I see that the younger generation of preachers hasn’t had the opportunity to understand some of these issues—the battles we’ve been fighting.”

View the media page for APN here, which also details information about “Stand in the Gap.” For more information on APN, visit, its Facebook page or follow APN’s Twitter feed, @AmericanPastors. To form a state chapter of APN, contact