American Pastors Network Leader Sam Rohrer: Christmas Starts with Redemption

American Pastors Network Leader Sam Rohrer: Christmas Starts with Redemption

Experience the Miracle of Becoming a Joint Heir with Jesus This Christmas

December 23, 2019

PHILADELPHIA—With Christmas just ahead, what does it mean to Christians? Do we approach Christmas with God’s view in mind?

This Christmas week, American Pastors Network (APN) President Sam Rohrer is reminding all believers that at Creation, when God created man and gave him life, He planned to give him even more—a Redeemer.

“The Christmas gift promised at Creation was a demonstration of the love and mercy of God to a fallen and sinful human race,” Rohrer said. “‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.’ Because He loves us, the Son of God, Jesus Christ the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, the Creator, became like the created—wholly God yet wholly Man—for you and me. This Christmas, we should think first about Redemption and God’s gift of love—and share that gift with others.”

Rohrer added that prophet Isaiah said, “For unto us a child is born…,” but Jesus is so much more than a baby born in a manger.

“As Isaiah said, upon this baby’s shoulder is laid the government that shall last forever, for this baby is also the ‘Mighty God,’ ‘Everlasting Father,’ ‘Prince of Peace’ and ‘King of Kings.’ While the world entertains a baby in a manger, it rejects that baby as King. He came first as a Lamb sacrificed in love for our sins offering salvation, free to all. For those rejecting Jesus as Savior, they’ll stand before Him as Judge in wrath against sin. Let’s kneel before Jesus as Redeemer this Christmas so we won’t have to bow before Him as Judge.”

As anticipation for Christmas builds—and as we await someday meeting our Redeemer—imagine the anticipation of Mary and Joseph, Rohrer noted.

“Imagine an angel telling you not to be afraid, even though your baby’s father was God and His name would be Emmanuel, God with us?” Rohrer said. “Marvel at this amazing miracle. God, the Creator of human life, becomes Father to His son Jesus—the Son of God—who was born to die, so if we believe in Him, we too can become a son of God. Think about this: God in the flesh dies for our sins so we can also become a son of God to His Father—now our Father—and become brothers and joint heirs with Jesus Himself! We can’t explain this, but we can accept it.”

Because of this miracle, Christmas is truly a religious event, not just a cultural holiday. According to Pew Research, while 9 in 10 Americans will celebrate Christmas, fewer than 5 in 10 will celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday.

“Certainly, the culture has attacked and undermined the importance of Christmas,” Rohrer said. “The relentless effort to remove God from government and Christ from culture has taken its toll. But it’s possible for Christians themselves to be contributing this dreadful demise. Turning Christmas into a cultural celebration rather than a Christ-centered time of concentration is easy to do.

“If you know Jesus as Lord and Savior, make this season an intentional time of reflecting on the fact that Christmas is about a Person—not just an event,” he added. “Make sure this choice starts in your own heart then modeled to those around you.”

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