Amidst Voter Confusion and Chaos, iVoterGuide Simplicity Brings Clarity to Elections

Amidst Voter Confusion and Chaos, iVoterGuide Simplicity Brings Clarity to Elections

June 15, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas—June election chaos was widespread during primaries in the first half of the month, leaving voters frustrated, poll workers overwhelmed and many Americans wondering if election results will be accurate.

Voting problems were reported across many states, but it was particularly messy in metro Atlanta, among many other polling places, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Election officials faced a backlog of thousands of absentee ballot applications after staff became sick with the coronavirus and a deluge of requests froze email accounts and jammed printers. Lines grew because social distancing requirements limited the number of machines that could be used in confined spaces. Some voters reported waiting from two to five hours, and others simply gave up.

“Many considered the elections on June 2 and 9 to be the first real experiments in voting since the onset of the coronavirus,” said iVoterGuide President Debbie Wuthnow.  “Along with curfews set due to protests and rioting, the results were not encouraging. With long lines, missing election judges, processes not in place to implement secure mail-in balloting, and pending lawsuits, the June elections have left voters with one feeling – confusion.   

“As elected officials look to change voting laws and chaos remains the top story on election days, there’s one thing voters want – solid research of thousands of candidate documents and voting records, and that’s what iVoterGuide provides. In addition to trusted methods of examining and evaluating candidates, voters count on us to keep them up-to-date on the latest changes in election dates and methods as the election rollercoaster continues into November.”

Providing the most comprehensive, educational information on nearly every race in the country, iVoterGuide has researched over 24,000 candidates in more than 11,000 races and offers sample ballots, voting information and candidate evaluations. From election dates to voter registration deadlines and polling locations, iVoterGuide has resources to help turn out 2.2 million voters across all 50 states in the 2020 primary and general elections in order to restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise and traditional American values. Learn more at

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