As Part of iVoterGuide’s 30,000 Hours of Research into 7,500+ Candidates Seeking Office This Fall, Data Reveal Dramatic Choice in Texas’s 7th Congressional District Contest

Comprehensive Research on Behalf of All Americans
Shows Stark Differences in Candidates’ Beliefs and Backgrounds

HOUSTON, Texas — Millions of Americans have already voted by mail or at local polling sites—while many others remain on the fence about their choices at national and local levels. But in Texas’s 7th Congressional District, there is a dramatic difference between the two candidates seeking the support of constituents. 

“As the rhetoric heats up in the last days before the election, iVoterGuide’s data provides voters a clear picture of the political agendas of the candidates in the race for Texas’s CD-7, cutting through the campaign ads with in-depth research on what Wesley Hunt, Lizzie Fletcher, and thousands of other candidates have done to earn this authority over our lives,” says iVoterGuide president Debbie Wuthnow.

In Texas’s District 7, conservative challenger Wesley Hunt (R)—a West Point graduate and former U.S. Army captain—is endorsed by President Donald Trump, the Black Conservative Federation, the National Rifle Association, and the National Right to Life Committee. Hunt, who flew 55 combat missions over Baghdad in 2006, told iVoterGuide, “I put my life on the line in defense of our great country and our Constitution, and I will stand up to those who want to change the system that has made this country the greatest in the world.”

By contrast, incumbent politician Lizzie Fletcher (D) is graded as “very liberal” by iVoterGuide. She’s been endorsed by former President Barack Obama and received vote ratings of 100 percent by Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America. She’s a founder of Planned Parenthood Young Leaders, and contributors to her campaign include two California Democrats: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Adam Schiff.

A third candidate seeking the CD-07 seat is libertarian Shawn Kelly, who prioritizes balancing the budget, making adoption more accessible, and protecting citizens at home.

The 2020Texas Voter Guide provides millions of Texans with key insights such as these and much more, including notable campaign donations, significant endorsements, website and social media links, and specific responses (or non-responses) to the iVoterGuide survey.

“As Texans head to early vote in person, we at iVoterGuide encourage all voters to take a close look at the extensive candidate information on, especially data on the candidates for Texas Congressional District 7,” said Wuthnow.

Importantly, a “who’s who” list of endorsers reveals a stark contrast of worldviews and perspectives on the role of government, especially when it comes to valuing and protecting human life at all stages. Select donation data from high-profile individuals and entities are key indicators of potential influence or control over candidates on these issues—and how each candidate is likely to legislate for fellow citizens if elected.

GOP challenger Hunt, in response to a question posed by iVoterGuide, mentioned three key topic areas, if he’s successful, for which he’d like to author or sponsor legislation: Fighting the Green New Deal and anti-energy policies; addressing flooding and infrastructure issues to secure Houston’s future; and working on funding to secure America’s southern border. (Fletcher did not respond to survey questions posed by iVoterGuide.)

iVoterGuide has invested 30,000 hours of research into comprehensive data, candidate positions, donations, background, and more in order to help Americans make the most informed decisions at the polls this fall. In addition, iVoterGuide has now released voter guides for all 50 states. The Texas iVoterGuide delivers facts to voters about all candidates seeking election—and the turnout for the Congressional District 7 clash may significantly impact other down-ballot races, including those for the Texas Senate and many other Texas House seats.

“What candidates say is one thing—what they actually do is another,” points out Wuthnow. “iVoterGuide looks not only at the candidates’ words, but also at how they have used power entrusted to them by the citizens.”  

Texans are using iVoterGuide to determine which candidates have defended the United States Constitution and the principles of life, liberty and freedom to exercise personal responsibility. Texas residents also use iVoterGuide to identify those candidates backed by entities and individuals determined to restrict the vast freedoms and opportunities in America.

Many Americans recognize how valuable the information is within iVoterGuide before casting their ballots. One user even remarked, “I just found out about I wish I had known sooner! It will help others to know where those running for positions in our government stand on different issues. Thank you!” Said another user, who has known about iVoterGuide for years, “One of my strongest resources in an election is the iVoterGuide. I have used it as a viable resource for as long as I can remember.”

“Voters are in the midst of the most important election of our lifetime,” says Wuthnow. “iVoterGuide shows voters how candidates can be expected to use their power.”

iVoterGuide is a one-stop resource for candidate ratings and election information in 2020. From a Christian and conservative perspective, iVoterGuide’sexpert researchers give an in-depth analysis—and overall rating—for 7,500+ candidates in more than 3,000 races nationwide. Additionally, iVoterGuide offers election dates, registration deadlines, polling locations, and information needed to help Americans vote wisely and identify candidates on the ballot who share their values. Tools are also available to inform family, neighbors and business associates about getting their own personalized ballots. iVoterGuide will help restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise and traditional American values.

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