As Trump Signs EO on Price Transparency, Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom Says EO Will Negatively Impact Patient Privacy and Autonomy

As Trump Signs EO on Price Transparency, Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom Says EO Will Negatively Impact Patient Privacy and Autonomy

ST. PAUL, Minn.—President Donald Trump signed an executive order this afternoon that aims to increase transparency surrounding the health care system’s “opaque prices,” Politico reported.

The order will instruct federal agencies to craft regulations and guidance to require insurers, doctors and hospitals to provide information about the rates they negotiate, according to The Wall Street Journal. Politico added that some in the health care industry don’t like the notion, “as major hospital and insurance groups have argued it won’t help consumers because they won’t know the actual prices they pay, could decrease competition and potentially increase prices.”

But Citizens’ Council for Health Freedom (CCHF, disagrees with the executive order for a different reason. Built-in language about data collection would negatively impact patient privacy. CCHF president and co-founder Twila Brase issued the following statement soon after the executive order was signed.

“We appreciate the president’s focus on lowering medical costs, making prices transparent and expanding how the HSAs can be used,” Brase said. “However, we are deeply concerned by the ‘Health Quality Roadmap,’ which will initiate a significant intrusion in the lives of half the American population and which we believe will lead away from individualized, personalized medicine.

“As the executive order states, the data will be used to go fishing for ‘patterns of performance of medical procedures that are outside the recommended standards of care,’” she added. “These third-party overseers who aren’t in the exam room will likely use the data to locate, identify and target physicians and other practitioners who do not conform to their preferred patterns of practice. Practitioners who practice according to the needs of their individual patients, not according to some standardized protocol approved by a third party whose only focus may be efficiency and cost-cutting, may be penalized.”

Brase writes extensively about how the HIPAA “privacy” rule and today’s electronic health records do not protect privacy, as well as socialized medicine, health freedom and how the Affordable Care Act has harmed patients and doctors since 2010 in her award-winning book, “Big Brother in the Exam Room: The Dangerous Truth About Electronic Health Records.” For more information, visit


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