Barna Election Survey Says “iVoterGuide Provided Information That Wasn’t Available Anywhere Else”

December 14, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas — On a recent program of  “Washington Watch,” George Barna, founder of The Barna Group and Director of Research at the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University, who coined the term: SAGE Cons, stated that this group cast 23 million votes in the election, “nearly a third of the president’s total.” And according to Barna, the SAGE Cons — spiritually-active, governance-engaged conservative Christians — only make up nine percent of Americans; yet “this nine percent of motivated Christians accounted for 14 percent of the vote.”

“George Barna did a survey of iVoterGuide users and 75% of them were SAGE-Cons who said that iVoterGuide provided information that wasn’t available anywhere else,” said iVoterGuide president Debbie Wuthnow. “iVoterGuide helped them impact not just the presidential race but races down the ballot across the nation. In 156 of those races, the number of iVoterGuide voters was larger than the winning margin, providing the difference between victory and defeat.”

Barna pointed out that his election study revealed that the candidate selection decision of SAGE Cons was not driven by distaste for Joe Biden, party loyalty or the personality of the candidates. SAGE Cons are very policy-oriented and almost universally sided with Donald Trump because of his performance and positions related to the issues that matter to them. Not coincidentally, those are many of the same issues that were addressed in iVoterGuide, solidifying SAGE Cons’ support for the incumbent president.

iVoterGuide was a one-stop resource for candidate ratings and election information in 2020. From a Christian and conservative perspective, iVoterGuide’sexpert researchers gave an in-depth analysis—and overall rating—for 7,500+ candidates in more than 3,000 races nationwide. Additionally, iVoterGuide offered election dates, registration deadlines, polling locations, and other information needed to help Americans vote wisely and identify candidates on the ballot who shared their values. Related tools were also available to inform family, neighbors, and business associates about getting their own personalized ballots. iVoterGuide is helping to restore the principles of limited government, free enterprise, and traditional American values.

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