Biblical Stewardship Authority Dan Celia: ‘Rhinos’ Cause for Concern



Biblical Stewardship Authority Dan Celia: ‘Rhinos’ Cause for Concern

PHILADELPHIA—Even in a strong economy, there is still cause for concern—especially in what those on Wall Street choose to ignore, says nationally syndicated host and biblical stewardship authority Dan Celia.

“I have become more concerned because it appears that market makers on Wall Street are continuing to ignore the ‘rhino’ standing in front of them,” Celia said, “in other words, a clear and present danger. This particular rhino, or many rhinos, have been present for some time and I have not chosen to ignore them for the past 18 months.

“With that in mind,” Celia continued, “it is also disturbing that last night Chinese President Xi Jinping reportedly warned top officials to be wary of ‘black swans’ and ‘gray rhinos’ in the face of a slowing economy. A report in a state news outlet said Xi told senior Communist Party officials in a speech to take action to lower risks to the economy to ‘prevent and defuse major risks’ across a range of fields—politics, ideology, society, science and technology—and to ‘ensure a healthy economy and social stability.’ He is saying, ‘Rhino dead-ahead.’ This news came on the heels of data released yesterday that showed China last year saw its slowest growth in decades. The Communist Party is always concerned that an economic slowdown could spark civil unrest and wants to avoid another Tiananmen Square incident, such as in 1989.

“We certainly don’t have the same concerns as a communist regime in China here in the U.S., but this report reminded me that we can’t ignore the dangers when we hear the warning bells.”

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