Biblically Responsible Investing Authority Dan Celia: Don’t Let Emotions Drive the Markets

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Biblically Responsible Investing Authority Dan Celia: Don’t Let Emotions Drive the Markets

Those Who Trust God with Their Financials Have Peace Even in a Roller Coaster Economy

PHILADELPHIA—A new video today on Yahoo Finance reports that emotion rather than fundamentals is driving the fluctuating markets, which makes it difficult to predict where stocks will go next.

Investors should always let logic and reason guide their decision-making, says nationally syndicated host and biblically responsible investing authority Dan Celia. When emotions, fear and worry prevail, it only creates uncertainly for the invest and for the markets.

“This is what’s amazing about biblically responsible investing (BRI),” Celia says. “If we allow God to have a hand in our finances, we don’t have to panic and make rash decisions when we see the markets falling and surging at a rapid rate. I have been telling callers to my ‘Financial Issues’ program for decades that if they are investing for the long term and if they have given God authority over their resources, which are the Lord’s to begin with anyway, there is no need for anxiety. Those who serve God with their money know He is in control and have overall peace that their money is being stewarded wisely, especially if they are working with a committed Christian financial planner and understand that they are honoring God with their investments.  

“Every day, people tell me how grateful they are and how blessed they are to have peace of mind that their money is invested in areas that are not grieving the heart of God,” Celia added. “For the first time in many of their lives, they are not worried about money. They know that God will honor their commitment. And for financial advisers, biblically responsible investors are the best clients to have. They are at peace; they’re not going to call every time the market goes down or become ecstatic when the market goes up. After 30 years of dealing with clients, I can say that these are the best clients an adviser can have.”

Through his daily three-hour program, writing and daily interactions, Celia, who leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM,, has helped people of faith honor God with their finances and be free from a fear of money. “Financial Issues” is heard on more than 650 radio stations nationwide and reaches millions of households through several TV networks.

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