Biblically Responsible Investing Authority Dan Celia: ‘It’s All God’s Money Anyway’

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Biblically Responsible Investing Authority Dan Celia: ‘It’s All God’s Money Anyway’

‘Tis the Season to be Spending, But Watch Where Your Money Goes

PHILADELPHIA—Starting in earnest over the next several days, Americans will spend upwards of $720 billion between now and Christmas.

That’s a lot of money being funneled to American retailers, both brick and mortar and online, which in turn, will be positive for the economy, says nationally syndicated host and biblically responsible investing authority Dan Celia.

But, Celia adds, Christians especially should be careful and know where their money goes.

“It’s easy for Christians to forget that all our resources and all our money comes from God in the first place,” Celia says. “It’s His, so therefore, we should steward it wisely and use it in a way that will please, honor and glorify Him. For some households, this may mean not spending above their means and sticking to a budget. For others, it may be cutting down on the material purchases and instead redirecting some of that money to a worthy ministry. Still others may be convicted to choose to spend their money at businesses that build up the culture rather than tear it down. For example, would the $20 on a gift be better spent at a giant retailer with multinational ties or a Christian-owned small business that strengthens the local community? I encourage investors and shoppers alike to always remember that ‘it’s all God’s anyway.’”

Through his daily three-hour program, writing and daily interactions, Celia, who leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM,, has helped people of faith honor God with their finances and be free from a fear of money.

The daily, three-hour “Financial Issues” program is heard on more than 650 radio stations nationwide and reaches millions of households through several TV networks.

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