Biden Administration Attempts to Force the Hands of Physicians, Hospitals Concerning Gender Transition Surgeries – Regardless of Religious Objections

Southern Evangelical Seminary: ‘This Goes Against the Hippocratic Oath for Doctors to Do What is Best for Their Patients’

April 26, 2021

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Lastweek, the Biden administrationfiled an appeal to require doctors and hospitals to perform gender transition surgeries on patients – even on children – regardless of their own religious objections.

“The Biden administration’s dictate to force the medical community to perform gender transition surgeries is wrong for many reasons,” said Dr. Brian Huffling, Director of the Ph.D. Program and Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, “First, it goes against the Hippocratic oath for doctors to do what is best for their patients. There is ample evidence to suggest that gender transition surgery causes great psychological harm that has led to higher rates of depression and suicide. Second, it goes against doctors’ religious commitments and forces them to go along with a radical anti-Christian and even anti-human ideology.

“From a philosophical point of view, man has both an intellect and a body, which form a union. However, the transgender issue at its core is about how people ‘feel’—rather than about ‘what they are.’ Feelings do not determine reality. Reality in general and humanity in particular are objective in their existence and cannot be overturned by one’s feelings. Such an objective view of the nature of reality and humanity is at the core of SES’s philosophical system.”

The mission of SES is to train men and women, based on the inerrant and infallible written Word of God, for the evangelization of the world and defense of the historic Christian faith. SES offers the 15-hour Certificate in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics.SES believes that one must minister to the present generation according to its needs, and to do so with truth and power our students need training in the ethical, political, and economic implications of the unchanging Faith “once delivered to the saints” (Jude 3).The PPE can also be used as a concentration within most master’s degrees (excluding Master of Arts in Religion).The combination of PPE training and classical seminary education can be a potent one in combating the new heresies and false doctrines rooted in a secularist, progressivist worldview.

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