Christians Are Directly Helping Christians with Health Care!

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Christians Are Directly Helping Christians with Health Care!

With Open Enrollment Underway, the Top Question Samaritan Ministries Hears Is: ‘Will Other People Really Help Me Pay My Medical Bills?’
The Answer is ‘Yes!!!!!’

PEORIA, Ill.—For those who are considering health care sharing during this Affordable Care Act open enrollment period, the first, last and perhaps most important question is: “Does health care sharing really work?”

Of the more than a quarter of a million individual members in the 79,000-plus member households of Samaritan Ministries International (, one of the leading health care sharing ministries in the country, thousands have stories about just how well it does work.

“Naturally, people have many questions about health care sharing after being immersed in the world of insurance for perhaps their whole lives,” said Anthony Hopp, Samaritan Ministries’ vice president of external relations. “The most common questions we hear at Samaritan Ministries are: ‘Does it really work? ‘Will other people really help me to pay my bills?’ and ‘Will my doctor accept it?’ Our members give us feedback that puts anxious minds at ease. There is hope, blessing and peace in a Biblical community that truly cares. This is how health care was meant to be, following the principles the Bible teaches in Galatians 6:2. And it really can be this way again.”

The open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act began Nov. 1 and continues through Dec. 15. During this research and enrollment period laden with government procedures, many find the process to be difficult and frustrating. They may not realize that becoming part of a biblical health care sharing ministry can be a simple way to bring fulfillment and blessings to both the sender and receiver, as Samaritan members have shown for nearly 25 years.

Samaritan members pray and send monthly financial shares directly person-to-person, while also including encouraging notes and cards along with their shares.

Many comments from Samaritan Ministries members confirm they would never go back to insurance, even though they once had the same questions and hesitations many others may have.

Richard and Lorrie of Montana said they have been helped through difficult situations by Samaritan members and staff.

“At times, medical issues and sickness are overwhelming, and it has been a blessing to have support from you and other members who are willing to help and pray for us,” they said.

Claudia of Missouri said her family has leaned on Samaritan during difficult times as well.

“We’ve had a tough 17 months financially and have been helped by Samaritan Ministries in reducing our burden while trying to also keep giving as others have need,” she said. “I’m so grateful for you. I also especially appreciate your praying for me and my family when I call on the phone. There have been times when it was very moving.”

Elizabeth and Kyle of Colorado said when their daughter needed surgery, they were so glad to be a part of the Samaritan Ministries family.

“We loved all the cards and encouragement we received during that hard time,” they said. “We have recommended Samaritan Ministries to everyone we know!”

Christopher and Paige of Kentucky also said their experience with Samaritan has been “wonderful.”

“We’ve grown in faith as we trusted God to meet our needs,” they said. “We had a baby this year, and while our families were concerned about the medical bills, we were amazed at how our providers worked with us, and how promptly our needs were sent.”

Terry and Gina of Texas love Samaritan Ministries and said they wish they would have become members years ago.

“You have been a tremendous blessing to our family, and we are eternally grateful for your ministry,” they said.

Kim of Georgia perhaps sums it up best.

“Can I just say again how much I love Samaritan Ministries and knowing that I never have to deal with insurance again as long as I choose!” she said. “Best Decision Ever!”

Current Samaritan members also appreciate the affordability of health care sharing. At Samaritan Ministries, the monthly share has never exceeded $495 for a family of any size and is even less for two-person and single-person households.

Samaritan Ministries offers two membership levels, Samaritan Classic and Samaritan Basic. Samaritan Basic has a lower monthly share coupled with a higher initial unshared amount than Samaritan Classic. Monthly shares for Samaritan Basic start as low as $100 for one person, $200 for two people and $250 for a family of any size, depending on age. Some guidelines differ between Samaritan Basic and Samaritan Classic; contact Samaritan Ministries for details or visit this link.

Learn more about Samaritan Ministries International here; visit the Samaritan website at, or follow the ministry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.