Dan Celia: Businesses Poised to Continue Hiring in 2020

Dan Celia: Businesses Poised to Continue Hiring in 2020

The News Is Good for Graduating Students Soon Looking for Jobs

December 30, 2019

PHILADELPHIA—Economically, 2019 was a banner year. But what about 2020? Will business and consumer confidence, hiring and job opportunities continue on an upward trajectory? Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia says all signs point to ‘yes.’

“It sounds to me as though many businesses are waiting to be cranked up in the new year and looking to hire more and more people,” Celia said. “But there aren’t many people to hire. We don’t have that many people unemployed, and this is the problem being at full employment. As a matter of fact, we’re a full percentage point below full employment. So we need to start seeing more people come into the workplace. But what this does mean? It means that opportunity abounds. What it means when we see 7.3 million job openings—far more job openings than people to fill them—is that the millions of students graduating from college mid-term will not have any trouble finding a job. And the same is true for students graduating from high school and college in May.

“What this also means,” Celia added, “is that we will, in all likelihood, continue to see job openings. But more importantly, we will see employee wages continue to rise as well, because with the opportunity of job openings comes higher wages. If I were a candidate of any stripe, I would not want to be running against this administration.”

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