Dan Celia: ‘Circus’ in Washington Affecting the Markets? Don’t Count on it

Dan Celia: ‘Circus’ in Washington Affecting the Markets? Don’t Count on it

Global Economies Rely on a Strong American Economy as Well

November 14, 2019

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia said today that despite what some may claim, the markets will not react much to the “circus” happening in Washington.

“It will have little consequence to where things are in the global economy and in the markets,” Celia said. “Nobody with any kind of common sense or intuition whatsoever in reference to the American economy believes that all this will play a role in what happens. Of course, they do know that President Trump is a pivotal part of whether this economy here in America will go to the next level. Global markets need desperately for our economy to continue to move forward, to grow stronger and, most of all, they need a trade deal reached by the U.S. and China sooner rather than later. European markets especially are very dependent upon that and are watching it very closely. In fact, it looks like the German economy is barely hanging on from going into recession.

“China’s Ministry of Commerce spokesman said yesterday that the trade war began with adding tariffs and it should be ended by canceling tariffs,” Celia added. “This is an important condition for both sides to reach agreement, and everybody is waiting very patiently for trade agreements to continue to move forward, and it looks like they are. It is likely that we will see a Phase 1 trade agreement with a reduction in tariffs soon, as President Trump seems optimistic and, more importantly, China’s Commerce Ministry seems very optimistic that an agreement will be reached soon. Let’s hope that is the case and that trade talks will move forward. This will be a key for our economy and global economies to put aside some of the uncertainty in and around U.S.-China trade.”

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