Dan Celia: Coronavirus and a Surging Sanders Affecting Markets

Dan Celia: Coronavirus and a Surging Sanders Affecting Markets

March 2, 2020

PHILADELPHIA—Global markets have taken a significant hit in recent days over concerns about the coronavirus outbreak that has gone well beyond Asia. Here at home, says nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia, political activity is having an impact as well.

“The coronavirus is top of mind, and top of the agenda,” Celia said. “It will take some good news coming out of the World Health Organization about this global health concern. Also, we must realize that the Bernie Sanders’ surge in recent weeks, winning Nevada and taking second in South Carolina, will put the markets on edge. I know it’s early, but with him winning so big in Nevada and rapidly ascending the polls as the potential favorite, one would expect that Super Tuesday could be a significant victory, unless, of course, Mike Bloomberg steals his thunder.

“Only time will tell,” Celia continued. “But Bernie Sanders continuing to march his way to the Democratic nomination will not be good for the markets. If he were to get the nomination, we can expect markets to drop, not significantly, but drop. But for the sake of our economy—for America and for the markets—Christians should pray that’s not a possibility. This will be an interesting week, both globally and with politics here in the U.S., but I reiterate that good news about the containment of the coronavirus in other parts of the world will go a long way.”

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