Dan Celia: Growth Continues to Look Strong

Dan Celia: Growth Continues to Look Strong

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia said that even with the fluctuations in the markets this week, he is staying true to his rationale that economic growth remains robust.

“The underlying fundamentals of the economy are still strong,” Celia said, “even with the inverted yield curve, along with geo-political events and the negativity of the media trying to convince us that recession is on its way, hoping to create a self-fulfilling prophecy. The last president who won reelection during a recession was Roosevelt, and the mainstream media is well aware that the only hope of transforming America by getting a socialist candidate elected will be a recession. Make no mistake about it, if that happens, reformation will happen, and we will lose America—there will not be any going back. Going back will be impossible, because in those four years most Americans will become more dependent upon our government out of necessity. If we see 50% of the voting public, plus one more voter in that position of dependence on the government, we will be doomed. A majority of the people will not vote out an administration that is responsible for their very existence; they will not vote out a government they depend on to sustain themselves.”

Celia added that many media outlets are working hard to convince investors that negativity is here to stay, which is similar to the media working to convince Americans that the growth in the markets during the Obama administration was real.

“During Obama’s administration,” Celia said, “there were no underlying fundamentals or no data that supported it, and even the small amount of data in support of the markets was irrational. Cheap money drove the day. Now we are seeing the opposite happening, and my hope is that consumers and businesses will stay on course and react to the real data—not politics or the slant the media is portraying.

“Investors shouldn’t even consider making any fundamental changes in their portfolios in August or September, but even more so this year,” Celia added. “Stay strong and focused on the long term, and wait until we begin to see the economic data start to turn in a negative direction before making any big moves.”

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