Dan Celia: Interest Rates, Huawei and Germany Top Headlines

Dan Celia: Interest Rates, Huawei and Germany Top Headlines

December 12, 2019

PHILADELPHIA—Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said this week that he does not expect any moves in interest rates—up or down—in 2020. In fact, noted nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia, Powell said it would take an unexpected and persistent rise in inflation for him to lift rates again, pushing the dollar perhaps again to its lowest level since August.

“This, of course, helped Asia shares rally, and they closed very positive on Thursday, up 1%, and it looks like the European Union could see by the end of this week some record closes as well,” Celia said. “President Trump is expected to meet with his economic advisory team to make a decision whether to begin a new round of tariffs on Chinese consumer goods starting Sunday. I suspect they will be delayed. One of Germany’s top mobile carriers has picked Huawei to build out its 5G network—this perhaps is an effort to snub the U.S. I also suspect Germany is very proud of its global leadership in open borders. How did that work out?

“Now Germany is allowing China’s communist regime to continue its advancement in espionage throughout the Eurozone,” he added. “I guess it doesn’t have a ‘Germany-first’ mentality but, rather, an ‘ideology-first’ mentality. This will likely not be the end of what its progressive, globalist mentality will do, particularly as Germany seems to be bent on doing anything it can to snub president Donald Trump.

“By the way, you can thank President Trump for holding strong against Huawei,” Celia concluded. “We can proceed with a great deal of certainty that President Trump will remain strong in his pursuit of ‘America-first.’”

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