Dan Celia: It’s Not Stimulus, It’s Aid for America

Dan Celia: It’s Not Stimulus, It’s Aid for America

March 18, 2020

PHILADELPHIA—As he has stated on “Washington Watch” with Tony Perkins, CBN News and other national programs, syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia is reiterating that the recent moves in Washington to put money in Americans’ pockets is not a stimulus bill.

“What we did in 2008 and in the two years following was a feeble attempt at stimulus,” Celia said. “The Left would like nothing more than to keep this framed as a stimulus deal for the economy, indicating that there have been failures in the underlying fundamentals of the economy or failures with a number of different companies and big corporations. I would ask the conservative media—and the Trump administration should start as well—to call this what it is: an aid package.

“We have no trouble finding money when we are sending it for relief from a typhoon, earthquake or wildfire,” he added. “We send aid, it’s what we do. What is happening in Washington right now is approving a package for aid to the United States of America. This is not stimulus—that has a negative connotation to it. Is it money we wish we weren’t spending? Of course. But this was not caused by America or a fumbling economy. This is a temporary catastrophe caused by a black swan event—a virus. This temporary event is having a dramatic impact on our economy and causing sickness, death and hardship on the American people.  Washington needs to stay working on whatever aid is necessary for businesses, both large and small, and for the individual American worker. 

“I’m asking that we do not buy into mainstream media, and even Washington itself, and call this a stimulus,” Celia concluded. “Let’s call it what it is so we can be transparent and honest. We need to continue to lay out the fact that this president has achieved something more than any president has ever accomplished. He has worked faster than any president or any politician could work. It’s as if there aren’t any politicians in Washington. We are seeing things done with unity between Washington and the private sector that are unprecedented. This administration is accomplishing things quickly, removing obstacles immediately, making phone calls to get things done without bickering and debate. This is aid for America, and it’s the right thing to do. Let’s hope that most of us in the media can call this what it is—a massive aid package for America. Thank you, Mr. President.”

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