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Dan Celia: Pivot to Other Nations on Trade and Leave China to Its Own Destruction

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia said this morning that while U.S.-China trade talks continue, the United States should focus on trade relationships with other countries. Ultimately, the American consumer will adjust, and China cannot afford to lose more market share.

“The U.S.-China trade relationship is strained, obviously, but is really not a trade war,” said Celia. “This is a dispute in reference to trade between two nations. One nation has been taking advantage of America since Richard Nixon was in office. Then there is the United States, trying to do the right thing for the American people, for the American consumer and the American businessperson who is working internationally, particularly in the China area. We are watching as the dispute with Huawei unfolds. It’s nothing more than an issue with national security, and we are taking measures that we need to take—trade dispute or not. Obviously, chip makers will suffer this week; they already are throughout the Eurozone and will in China. China, by the way, in allowing this trade dispute to continue and concerning these issues with Huawei, is creating their own loss of market share they can barely afford.

“This is will be an economic nightmare for China,” Celia continued. “The United States has to take these measures against China. America will be fine. We will go through a little bit of pain, yes, but it will be a good thing for America and the right thing to do for the rest of the world. This is a communist regime that is looking to have as much economic power, as well as military might, as possible, and America needs to protect our interests.”

Celia added that a key word this week is “pivot.”

“The United States has to pivot immediately to our allies or trade deals are out,” he said. “The president has already started to remove tariffs on a number of goods with Canada and Mexico. Hopefully, they will do the same with our agricultural products. We’re going to be fine, but we’ve got to pivot. We’ve got to move on and keep negotiating trade with the world and leave China to its own destruction.”

Celia discusses these and other global and economic headlines on his daily, three-hour “Financial Issues” program, heard on about 650 television and radio stations nationwide.

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