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Dan Celia: Socialists Win One in New York City

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical stewardship authority Dan Celia is reflecting today on the news of Amazon’s pullout from New York City.

It looks like the socialists had a big win in New York City,” Celia said. “They drove out those lousy job-loving, business-building, opportunity-giving, salary-dishing, free-market mongering capitalist pigs—and the people applauded. Now, it is so interesting to watch the twists and turns and gyrations and complaints and crying and moaning we are hearing from the socialist progressive left politicians who will now begin to talk about just how unfair this is.

“Amazon had seen the light and decided that the best business decision would be to change their mind,” he continued. “I guess they decided that their employees being taxed to death, the morale of their employees likely deteriorating and the difficulty they would have to keep productivity would all be at the mercy of the leftist-socialist protester. Amazon determined that working within the ideology of this minority of New York City is not in their best interest.

“They decided to move toward productivity, profits and purpose,” Celia added. “Not to mention their management was just not prepared to share the wealth and deal with this resurgence of the Obama administration’s demonizing of profits, success and wealth. And when you demonize those things, all you can do is tax them and regulate them in order to have opportunities to share the success properly. God help us, but the mass exodus from California, Detroit, Chicago, New York and other cities and states to Florida, Texas, Tennessee and others will likely continue.”

Celia discusses these and other global and economic headlines on his daily, three-hour program,Financial Issues,” heard on about 650 television and radio stations nationwide and reaching millions more on several television networks. Through the program, writing and daily interactions, Celia, who leads Financial Issues Stewardship Ministries (FISM, www.FinancialIssues.org), has helped people of faith honor God with their finances and be free from a fear of money.

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