Dan Celia: The Enemy Within

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia said today that our country should be keenly aware of the impact this year’s presidential election results will have on other countries, such as China, Russia and Iran, and what’s at stake if President Trump is replaced in the Oval Office with the Biden administration for the next U.S. presidential term.

“The stock market came under pressure after U.S. officials said Iran and Russia are taking steps to interfere in the U.S. presidential election, and they have obtained American voter information,” said Celia. “Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said that Iran has been sending “spoof emails designed to intimidate voters, incite unrest, and damage President Donald Trump. 

“This is certainly concerning, as it is a stark reminder how the bad actors of the world understand that President Trump is their greatest foe in their desires to destroy America. This also means that China is managing to do a better job staying under the radar, and this should be an even bigger concern. I can only hope that our national security leadership is not so naive as to think that China is not trying to do the same. Could we be missing it? Let’s hope not. 

“We also need to be aware that China, Russia and Iran’s economy, military might, power, and their very existence are totally dependent upon the removal of President Trump. China’s understanding of these facts is greater than most, as the economic dominance that they desire over the world has already been threatened in dramatic fashion by the U.S., and will continue to be as our new policies negatively impact their military dominance as well. The answer for China and others is simple. They need to be able to control—some might even say—buy America, and their only hope of that is a Biden administration.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I am a pragmatist, one who tries to think logically. These facts are a testimony to the truth of everything President Trump stands for—love of America and the desire to keep the country strong, its economy powerful and its military mighty. Some American voters don’t realize it, but China, Russia, and Iran know this to be true, and that should be good enough for any American Patriot to vote wisely.

“Our enemies’ friend is treasonous and disastrous for America. We continue to see—and hopefully we as believers understand—that we are in a battle with the darkness of this world that is desperately trying to overtake everything. This election gives us a Biblical example of good against evil. We need to make sure, now more than ever, that we are on the right side of history—the side that will keep our grandchildren and great grandchildren from ever wondering if we voted against America. There are only four things that can save America: God, His Soldiers, Voting and Trump.”

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