Dan Celia: Trump Steadfast to an America that He Loves

October 6, 2020

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia said today that the American people should take into account what Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, considers to be patriotic duties, and why it’s important to vote for a president who actually fights for and loves America.

“Last night Joe Biden was talking about the patriotic duty to wear a mask,” said Celia. “Apparently it is not his patriotic duty to keep from moving America closer to socialism, or to raise taxes on hardworking Americans, or to make deals with China, the Ukraine, or Russia without any thought of the possibility of destroying America itself. 

“He believes that 50-year lows in labor participation, the largest part time workforce in American history, presiding over eight straight years of GDP growth below 2% (something no administration has ever done), is something to be proud of. Perhaps he doesn’t believe that his patriotic duty is to try to get all Americans to work, even those Americans that are in poverty and black Americans living in the inner cities. He obviously believes that spending billions of dollars on a Green New Deal is more important than those things. 

“Perhaps a meeting of a former president with the then-acting attorney general on a plane sitting on the tarmac to try to soften the investigation of his wife, who is running for president, is the patriotic thing to do. I must assume that he doesn’t believe that. It is unpatriotic to have a national security threat, with the keeping a government server with top secret information on it, in one’s house. Maybe he doesn’t think it’s a problem that the server was hacked by the Russians. I imagine he also wouldn’t believe that it’s unpatriotic to apologize around the world for American exceptionalism. But as we found out last night, we know he believes that not wearing a mask is unpatriotic. 

“My question is this: Does anybody believe that we are not in a war for the life and future of America? A fight for the Constitution and our ten rights that are outlined in the Bill of Rights, or the Ten Commandments? Is there someone out there who doesn’t believe that we’re in a fight for the soul of our Republic? Are there people out there who don’t understand that the socialist Democrats, along with the media, are trying to put lipstick on communism? Is it okay that they are desperately trying to undermine America with communism and globalism? 

“We now have a president who is trying to save America. I understand that there are people who refuse to believe any of this, and it’s not them that I am speaking to. I’m speaking to the people who don’t think it’s necessary to fight For America, to vote For America. I’m speaking to the people who might believe in the words in Psalm 33:12, ‘Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord,’ but are not willing to fight for that nation. Stand up America, vote For America, be proud of your vote, proud of our president. He may not be eloquent of speech, but he is steadfast to a nation that he loves. VOTE For America.”

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