Dan Celia: ‘We Cannot Have Growth without Productivity’; Lots of Economic Data Coming Out This Week

Dan Celia: ‘We Cannot Have Growth without Productivity’; Lots of Economic Data Coming Out This Week

August 31, 2020

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia said today that the American people should keep an eye on a lot of economic data coming out this week, such as manufacturing numbers, factory orders, the ADP report, job claims, and payroll numbers.

“This week, there’s a lot of economic data coming out, Celia said. “We get manufacturing numbers coming out on Tuesday and we get factory orders, as well as ADP report coming out on Wednesday. The ADP report ought to be very interesting for the month of July. We are sitting at 167,000 private sector jobs. ADP is a really good gauge of what is happening in the private sector. Thursday, we get initial job claims. I think that this Thursday we could go below 1 million in first time, unemployment claims. I sure hope that happens. Also continuing job claims have been dropping for the last two weeks and hopefully we’ll see another drop.

“We get some productivity revisions for the second quarter of the year,” Celia continued. “And I am expecting that this revision is going to be an upward revision as much as one full percentage point. We are sitting at 7.3% right now. And again, I’m very, very interested in this number. Service sector numbers also coming out; that’s far more important than manufacturing numbers. And of course, Friday, the all-important payroll numbers. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re over a million in payrolls and we get a new unemployment rate. I believe the unemployment number is going to be below 10%. We’ll have unemployment number with a single digit and that will be a lot earlier than certainly me or anyone else was expecting. We’ll watch all that closely, a lot coming up for the week.”

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