Dan Celia: Will the Media’s Anti-Trump Strategy Affect Consumer and Business Sentiment?



Dan Celia: Will the Media’s Anti-Trump Strategy Affect Consumer and Business Sentiment?

PHILADELPHIA—Nationally syndicated host and biblical stewardship authority Dan Celia says the markets will keep a close watch on how the U.S. navigates the geopolitical tensions and negotiates trade deals, not only with China but also with the Eurozone and Japan, among others.

“It looks like analysts are predicting that we could see somewhere between a 15 and 20 percent market gain in 2019,” Celia said. “I’m not quite in that camp. I’m thinking more of high single digits in market gain this year. And that is providing that we get a trade deal with China, as well as if we begin to negotiate other trade deals with the Eurozone and Japan, which should have started a year ago, then moving on to other countries. It’s also contingent on not having any other geopolitical events that will disrupt the market flow of oil or create concerns for security in the U.S. My prediction would also anticipate seeing some clear fiscal policy coming out of Washington, and possibly even a budget. I won’t hold my breath on that one. But I hope we at least get another continuing revolution and some real cuts to government spending.

“If all of those things happen, this will be a very good year,” Celia continued, “even in the midst of a bit of a downturn for corporate earnings for 2019. The question will be: Will the absolute hatred for this president and everything he stands for—mainly coming from the media—continue to spill over into the sentiment of consumers and businesses?”

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