Dan Celia’s Post-Election Economic Ramifications


Dan Celia’s Post-Election Economic Ramifications

PHILADELPHIA—With the 2018 midterm elections behind us, nationally syndicated host and biblical investing authority Dan Celia said today on his “Financial Issues” program that there are economic ramifications of yesterday’s shift to Democrat control in the House of Representatives.

“Everyone is saying they still feel good about an infrastructure project,” Celia said. “I hope they’re right and I’m wrong, but I personally don’t see that happening. I have been talking with CEOs of companies that would be dramatically impacted by an infrastructure bill in a positive way, and they don’t see that happening either. This win will mostly be about obstruction. There will not be any more tax cuts; you can count on that for certain. A lot of the big banks put their money behind the Democrats, and now they have a new chair of the financial services committee. I’m sure Maxine Waters will take them to another level, and I wonder what that level will look like.

“President Trump still has a pen and a phone, and he’s going to have to use them,” Celia continued. “I still think we’ll see regulations being reduced and I think we’ll still have a pro-growth, pro-corporate America agenda. Many of the Democrats will be pushing for higher minimum wages, which they have to do to keep their base happy, but it will be difficult getting through the Senate, like everything else will be. We need to be praying for our country and praying for our leaders, but we should be praying for Mitch McConnell, because he will have a tough road ahead of him. There will be a lot of battling. He won’t take any bill that won’t be good for the American people, and he better take a consensus of the American people before he lets anything reach the Senate floor. And, ultimately, Donald Trump will have the last word.”

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