Doctors Like Health Care Sharing Through Samaritan Ministries—Both as Medical Professionals and as Members

Doctors Like Health Care Sharing Through Samaritan Ministries—Both as Medical Professionals and as Members

Samaritan Member Dr. Eric Potter of Sanctuary Functional Medicine in Tennessee Says His Practice and Priorities Allow More Time to Focus on Patients

October 22, 2019

PEORIA, Ill.—Well over a quarter of a million members—more than 82,000 households—are engaged in health care sharing through Samaritan Ministries International (, one of the leading health care sharing ministries in the country.

Their hometowns, stages of life, size of families, occupations and medical histories vary widely, and a significant number of them are medical professionals.

“We find that physicians appreciate health care sharing through Samaritan Ministries for many reasons—and many are even members themselves,” said Samaritan Ministries Vice President of External Relations Anthony Hopp. “First, they can welcome patients who are Samaritan members to their practices that often employ the direct primary care (DPC) model, which is a pathway for affordability, transparency and a deeper patient-doctor relationship. They also love that they and their families can be members of Samaritan Ministries as well—for the same reasons and advantages.”

Among the many medical professionals who value health care sharing through Samaritan Ministries is Dr. Eric Potter, who runs Sanctuary Functional Medicine in Franklin, Tennessee.

Dr. Potter says the heart of his practice is “to glorify God and to care for the patient” rather than being hindered by the arbitrary practices and regulations of insurance companies. House calls, simplicity and relationship provide fertile ground for trust.

Potter and his staff focus on personalized care of the whole person made in God’s image, delivered in longer visits combined with easy access to medical care by phone and email.

“With these longer visits and other interactions,” Potter says, “I can also integrate the best of natural remedies with the best of conventional medicine while educating patients on how to care for their own health.”

By opting out of Medicare and Medicaid, Potter is able to spend more time with his patients, face to face, getting to know them on an emotional and spiritual level.

“I don’t spend my time attempting to comply with confusing and burdensome programs,” he said. “I am then free to guide care based on what is best for the patient rather than what bureaucrats say should be done. Less time arguing with bureaucrats means more time with patients.”

Through his Sanctuary practice, Potter also focuses on “covenantal medicine.”

“Covenantal medicine goes a step beyond a contract which is overseen by mere legal authorities,” Potter said. “A covenant acknowledges God as my ultimate authority overseeing how I care for patients. When I practice medicine knowing that God is watching both my actions and my thoughts, I am far better at loving my patients as my neighbor.”

Not only do Samaritan members fit well with Dr. Potter’s practice, but he and his family are Samaritan Ministries members as well.

“Samaritan Ministries more closely matches a Biblical form of Christians caring for one another’s needs,” he said. “It is simple Biblical obedience and trusting God’s provision. So far, the submission part is far simpler than dealing with an insurance company’s forms in the past.”

Learn more about Dr. Eric Potter here and read a Samaritan Ministries blog post by Dr. Potter titled, “Functional Medicine Versus Dysfunctional Medicine.”

For 25 years, Samaritan Ministries has offered an affordable, effective, God-honoring, direct-sharing health care ministry used by more than 82,000 member households (270,000 individuals). Each month, these members pray for one another while sharing $30 million in medical needs—person to person and family to family—and send personal notes and cards of encouragement along with their financial shares.

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