Dr. Michael Youssef’s latest book, ‘Is the End Near?’, provides hope amidst chaos of modern world

Dr. Michael Youssef: ‘The only permanent peace this world will ever know is that future time when Jesus, the Prince of Peace, comes to rule for all eternity’

November 15, 2022

ATLANTA — When the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the country in 2020, many people wondered when the country would “get back to normal.” After months of lockdowns, shortages, and economy collapse, people longed for life without a pandemic. However, as the pandemic began to subside, many were shocked to find that “normal” was long gone.

This desire for “normalcy” amidst chaotic times is well-founded, but bestselling author Dr. Michael Youssef’s latest book, “Is The End Near?,” outlines the realities of living in a sinful world — and how Christians should prepare for what’s to come. “Is The End Near?” is a thorough investigation of Jesus’ words of warning about the end times in Matthew 24 and 25. The book is available now.

“As human beings we long for normalcy, security, and peace,” Youssef explained. “We long for social stability, economic stability, a sense that our jobs and our lives are dependable and secure. Invisible viruses, rioting and unrest, inflation and recession, wars and rumors of wars — all these threats make us anxious and fearful. These are normal emotions in the face of such disturbing news.

“Yet the realistic message of God’s Word is that times of peace and tranquility are merely temporary respites from the troubles of this life. We live in a world that is broken by sin. The only permanent peace this world will ever know is that future time when Jesus, the Prince of Peace, comes to rule for all eternity.”

While circumstances are getting more difficult as the world enters into the birth pains of the end times, Youssef encourages readers to hold fast to hope, looking to the future with joy as they anticipate reuniting with Christ once and for all.

Youssef stated, “But before the eternal reign of Jesus begins, the world must pass through a time of unprecedented terrors and sufferings. In Matthew 24:21, Jesus tells us, ‘For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now — and never to be equaled again.’ For unbelievers, this will be a time of absolute despair, but for those who trust in Jesus, these events will be a sign of hope, signaling that Jesus will soon come to take us to heaven.”

Instead of being fearful of the events to come, Youssef inspires readers to share the Gospel with others so they can be a light to those who are afraid. Christians don’t have to fear the end times. “This book is a must-read because it will encourage you. It will lift you up — it will make you look up, not down,” Youssef said.

Dr. Michael Youssef, who has traveled around the world 67 times, was born in Egypt and lived in Lebanon and Australia before coming to the United States and fulfilling a childhood dream of becoming an American citizen. He holds degrees from Moore College in Sydney, Australia, and Fuller Theological Seminary in California, with a Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from Emory University. Youssef has authored more than 50 books, including popular titles like “Jesus, Jihad and Peace,” “Hope for This Present Crisis,” and “Saving Christianity?” 

Equipped with a deep understanding of the Bible, the Middle East, sociological trends in the Western world, and important Christian worldview issues, combined with his own personal experiences growing up under a socialist dictatorship, Dr. Youssef is a sought-after voice whose expertise is regularly requested on both secular and Christian media. This includes invitations from Huckabee, Fox & Friends, The Eric Metaxas Radio Show, The Hugh Hewitt Show, The Christian Post, FOX News, Hannity, Glenn Beck, The 700 Club, and more. He and his wife reside in Atlanta and have four grown children and 11 grandchildren.

For more information on Dr. Youssef’s newest book release,“Is The End Near?,” visit www.istheendnearbook.com. The book is available now.