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Early Christians Practiced Care for One Another That Honors God

Samaritan Ministries’ 250,000 Members Are Living Like the Church in Acts 2

PEORIA, Ill.—For nearly a quarter of a century, Samaritan Ministries International, one of the leading health care sharing ministries in America, has been connecting members of the Body of Christ, providing a way for them all to “bear one another’s burdens” when it comes to health care.

But long before Samaritan Ministries rooted its mission in Galatians 6:2, early Christians were taking care of fellow believers in need. Unified by grace, those early Christians gladly and freely shared with each other as needs arose. Now the principles of the Church in Acts 2 church carry on through the quarter of a million Samaritan members who pray for one another and share $27 million in medical needs each month.

Matt from Michigan, one of Samaritan’s 250,169 individual members, saw this Biblical community come together for him in a very tangible way.

 “I recently had submitted my first special need for some dental work,” Matt said. “I honestly was skeptical, and did not expect to have many people give above and beyond what they are already committed to giving monthly. I was honestly blown away by people’s generosity. To see the Body of Christ wrap around something as simple as a dental need was so uplifting for me and my family’s spirit, and really helped to relieve that financial burden. I have been so encouraged to have these needs met by members all over the country. I truly feel like the book of Acts is coming alive with Samaritan Ministries in the way Jesus planned for us to take care of each other as believers. I can’t spread the word to enough friends and family about Samaritan Ministries and what a blessing it has been to me and my family.”

Like Matt, Stacey from New Jersey is thankful for Samaritan and her fellow members.

“Today my heart rejoices in thankful celebration because of each of you!” she said. “Your kindness for all the members and your willingness to serve the Body of Christ through this ministry have helped to undergird many of us with a sense of security we cannot know in this world, apart from the family of Christ.”

For so many Samaritan Ministries members, the reality of health care sharing comes to life the first time they have a medical burden they present to their fellow Samaritan members for sharing and experience first-hand other members following Jesus’ teaching to care for their brothers and sisters in Christ.

“We are truly blessed by Samaritan Ministries,” said Joseph and Melissa from Montana. “Our recent large health need was made (into) much less of a burden because of this great ministry. We love being a part of the Body of Christ (that is) acting like the Body of Christ should—caring for one another!”

Kimberly from Missouri was doubly blessed by the joyful occasion of the birth of her daughter and by the way Samaritan members lifted up the new family.

“After a difficult pregnancy, we were so grateful that she and I were both healthy,” Kimberly said. “We were amazed and thankful for all the notes of prayer and encouragement we received from our brothers and sisters in Christ, whom we probably won’t meet until we’re in Heaven. What a powerful and effective network of His Church—praying, encouraging, and supporting one another. His ways work!”

The affordable monthly household financial share for Samaritan’s 76,994 member households has never exceeded $495 for a family of any size and is even less for couples and singles. Members are not bound to a network of doctors or health care providers, and they can rest assured that their financial shares are not used to pay for practices that dishonor God, such as abortion.

Samaritan Ministries offers two membership levels, Samaritan Classic and Samaritan Basic. Samaritan Basic offers a lower monthly share coupled with a higher initial unshared amount than Samaritan Classic. This gives both current and future members two options for choosing what they believe is best for their families—and their budgets. Monthly shares for Samaritan Basic start as low as $100 for one person, $200 for two people and $250 for a family of any size, depending on age. Some guidelines differ between Samaritan Basic and Samaritan Classic; contact Samaritan Ministries for details or visit this link.

Learn more about Samaritan Ministries International here; visit the Samaritan website at, or follow the ministry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.