Every Legal Vote: Dominion’s Fractional Voting System Is ‘Heinous’

The Secrets of Dominion Voting Machines Revealed

December 3, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Every Legal Vote (www.everylegalvote.com), an online resource helping Americans expose electoral fraud and encourage corrective actions, has spent every day since the election uncovering information that helps American citizens have a better understanding of the fraudulent activity that has tainted the presidential election.

Kevin Freeman, host of Economic War Room on Blaze TV, described key insights from one of the show’s most recent programs about serious defects in the design and operation of electoral systems widely used by U.S. states:

“Americans need to understand how the Dominion voting machines and how the entire apparatus works together. We assume that the voting machines simply count votes in a simplistic fashion. But instead, the Dominion voting machines are actually incredibly complicated – specifically due to the use of ‘fractional voting.’

“Fractional voting means that different votes can be tabulated differently. One person’s vote could count as half a vote while another person’s vote counts as two votes. The idea of a fractional vote is so heinous this is a system designed for fraud. This should scandalize every American.

“Fractional voting allowed for the possibility of thousands of locations where someone could manipulate data. And if they did it, the simple approach, the honest approach of simply counting every legal vote wouldn’t have happened. The votes must be counted.

“This is what Every Legal Vote is demonstrating on a continual basis: that there is so much questioning, so many valid reasons to question these vote totals. You can’t have vote totals going backwards. You can’t have them shifting from one candidate to another.”

The American people are encouraged to click on Every Legal Vote’s interactive map showing the states in which significant fraud has been reported—and where such wrongs must be righted. The map is intended to show the most current and accurate electoral vote totals for each of the presidential candidates.

To help guard the nation’s voting system, Every Legal Vote equips Americans to understand: You can make a difference in ensuring that your vote counts in your state by engaging your state government leaders today!

This urgent call to action reflects the fact that the U.S. Constitution grants our state-level legislatures – who are the closest to the people—the responsibility of holding elections for U.S. senators and representatives and, through the Electoral College, for the U.S. president. State legislatures, therefore, play an important role in the oversight of our elections, and other important leaders and agencies of state governments, ranging from the governor to the National Guard – can and must play an important role in the security of such elections.

All Americans can join the Every Legal Vote effort today—and help preserve the great nation our Founders created with care, wisdom and the help of God more than 244 years ago. 


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