Faith Leaders of Tennessee Announce Unanimous Endorsement of Dr. Manny Sethi for U.S. Senate

Faith Leaders of Tennessee Announce Unanimous Endorsement of Dr. Manny Sethi for U.S. Senate

Group Will Advise Dr. Manny Sethi on Religious Liberty and Freedom 

July 20, 2020

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Faith Leaders of Tennessee today announced their endorsement of Dr. Manny Sethi for the U.S. Senate. The group of more than 100 faith leaders from across all three Grand Divisions unanimously endorsed Dr. Sethi today because of his commitment to protecting our religious freedom and protecting our Judeo-Christian heritage.

“Over 100 faith leaders, ministers, and pastors thoroughly vetted the candidates in this race, including Dr. Manny Sethi,” said Pastor Dale Walker, president of Tennessee Pastors Network (TNPN, “He is fully committed to protecting our religious liberty and standing up for our Tennessee values. As a born-again Christian and an orthopedic trauma surgeon, Dr. Sethi knows what it means to serve others, and he will do just that as United States Senator. We are proud to support him in this race.”

Members of Faith Leaders of Tennessee

Dr. V.P. Travis Anderson County
Pastor Charles Potter Anderson County
Pastor Jeff Heard Bedford County
Preacher Mike Garner Blount County
Pastor Rick Smelcer Blount County
Gary Sears Bradley County
Richie Halversen Bradley County
Pastor Elijah Smith Clay County
Caleb McCall Coffee County
Pastor Avery Brown Cumberland County
Pastor David Ray Cumberland County
Pastor Dewey Walker Cumberland County
Pastor Bob Hammer Davidson County
Preacher Lyndon Allen Davidson County
Pastor Sam Totton Davidson County
Minister Aaron Snodderly Davidson County
Louie Johnston Jr. Davidson County
Pastor Nathan Tomason DeKalb County
Pastor Tim Delk Fentress County
Pastor Scott Thrasher Fentress County
Pastor Jeremy Booth Fentress County
Pastor Josh Myers Fentress County
Pastor Joey Wright Fentress County
Pastor Darwin Nance Fentress County
Pastor Roger Balls Fentress County
Pastor Kent Nance Fentress County
Michael Hill Franklin County
Pastor Jason Morelock Greene County
Pastor Neil Bailey Greene County
Pastor Clint Shrum Grundy County
Ralph Shrum Grundy County
Dr. Dean Haun Hamblen County
Pastor Don Lamb Hamblen County
Pastor Tony Sellars Hamblen County
Rev. Charlie Wysong Hamilton County
Evangelist George Goss Hamilton County
Preacher Brian Burchfield Hawkins County
Minister Edgar Beard Hickman County
Pastor Stephen Cathy Houston County
Debra Schultz Jefferson County
Dr. Marlin Hotle Knox County
Preacher Danny Overholt Knox County
Preacher Drew McClung Knox County
Pastor Perry Delk Knox County
Pastor Larry Branron Knox County
Preacher Steve Lettco Knox County
Minister Jimmy Cook Macon County
Pastor Garry Martin Madison County
Pastor Tommy Vallejos Montgomery County
Pastor Keith Kilby Morgan County
Pastor Tim Beaty Morgan County
Pastor Denton Hummel Overton County
Pastor Jeff Flowers Pickett County
Pastor Gary Farris Putnam County
Preacher John Paul Putnam County
Pastor Merle Miller Putnam County
Pastor Steve Warren Putnam County
Pastor Clarence Jared Putnam County
Preacher Seth Presley Putnam County
Pastor Steve Moore Putnam County
Pastor Jimmy Fortunato Putnam County
Pastor Mark Gaw Putnam County
Preacher Anthony Fallower Putnam County
Preacher Dwight Henry Putnam County
Pastor Shane Warren Putnam County
Preacher Anthony Wright Putnam County
Pastor Verlin Anderson Putnam County
Pastor Anthony Fallower Putnam County
Pastor Larry Self Putnam County
Pastor Time Miles Putnam County
Pastor Robert Combs Roane County
Minister Tim Ramsey Roane County
Pastor Eddie Turner Rutherford County
Preacher Mitchell Gibson Sevier County
 Pastor Wayne Smith Sevier County
David Sitton Shelby County
Todd Payne Shelby County
Pastor Jason Rich Smith County
Preacher Joshua Rich Smith County
Dr. Phil Hoskins Falls Sullivan County
Pastor Bart Fowler Sullivan County
Rev. Paul Becker Sullivan County
Pastor Greg Bacon Sumner County
Preacher Tim Brown Sumner County
Michael Straight Sumner County
Marty Layton Sumner County
Pastor Johnny Jones Trousdale County
Pastor Daryl Nance Van Buren County
Pastor Tony Smedley Warren County
Preacher Scotty Lawson Warren County
Pastor Gene McClure Warren County
Preacher Perry Hartman Warren County
 Pastor George Hall Washington County
Pastor Dale Walker White County
Dr. Larry Pratt White County
Pastor Nathan Hawkins White County
Pastor Luke Hobbs White County
Pastor Brent Tevebaugh White County
Pastor Sam Davis White County
Rev. Caleb Mackie White County
Preacher Nick Homan White County
Pastor Eugene Lawsom White County
J. Wilkey White County
Rudy Oaks White County
Pastor Tracy Curtis White County
Pastor Gene Williams White County
Pastor Corey Price White County
Pastor Bill Mont White County
Pastor Gary Humphrey White County
Pastor Jeff Clayborn White County
Dr. Ben Graham Wilson County
Pastor Greg Locke Wilson County
Pastor Glenn Denton Wilson County
Preacher Jeff Howe Wilson County
Preacher Sherman Kellow Wilson County
Pastor Terry Carver Wilson County
Pastor Tom Henry Wilson County



To interview Pastor Dale Walker of Tennessee Pastors Network, contact, 610.584.1096, ext. 105, or Jeff Tolson, ext. 108.