FCA: Relationships Are Coaches and Athletes’ Path to Victory Regardless of Circumstances

Chief Field Officer Dan Britton: ‘Key to Empowerment Is Investing in Others’; ‘Pure Hearts Produce Open Hands’

September 8, 2020

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Tightening our grip on things we think we control has become a familiar motion as COVID-19 continues to thwart long-term plans and everyday rhythms of ministries, schools, coaches and athletes. But trying to put normalcy in a chokehold only proves one’s powerlessness, according to the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA, www.fca.org), a global ministry that is urging coaches and athletes to find empowerment by submitting their plans — and athletic seasons — to God’s design for life and relationships.

A recent FCA “Global Grit” devotional challenged coaches, athletes and FCA staff and volunteers to remember Jesus’ teaching that to give is better than to receive. FCA says surrendering one’s “white-knuckle” grip on plans for sport and ministry can lead teams to achieve 100% of their potential as they shift their focus from their own fulfillment to investing in others.

“When we grip tightly to the things we can’t control, we quickly get white knuckles,” writes FCA Chief Field Officer Dan Britton. “We hold onto our position, our people, our programs, our paycheck and our perks. Releasing is difficult. It is natural to hold onto things and unnatural to give away. It’s always hard to give total control to God and others.

“The key to empowerment is investing in others. Give responsibility away and trust those you empower with the results.”

Britton says prioritizing others ahead of oneself leads to true empowerment regardless of circumstances.

“Pure hearts produce open hands,” Britton said. “Empowerment happens through healthy, vibrant relationships — not titles or roles. When you build trust and loyalty, you have an open door to empower. Relationships are the foundation to empowerment.”

It can be easy to mistake mere interaction with coaches, athletes and fans for what really matters: investing in others and recognizing people’s faithful obedience to Christ.

“Making an investment in others is pouring out what God has poured into you,” Britton writes. “We need to intentionally empower the next generation. Empowerment will produce lasting fruit when there is a calling by God on someone’s life. Fruit won’t come simply because someone is available. We need to discern whom God has anointed and empower them.”

FCA’s investment in coaches and athletes spiritually, mentally and physically has distinguished the ministry for decades. This year, FCA quickly adapted when presented with external factors ranging from public health concerns to culture swings to technological advancement.

Earlier this year, FCA launched FCA Virtual, an online and social media initiative to rally coaches, athletes and staff around the incredible stories of what God is doing through virtual FCA ministry. FCA Virtual is a space to gather ideas about how to engage teams and Huddles in online spiritual growth and to look for ways to serve and connect in this time of limited social interaction. FCA hopes coaches and athletes will be encouraged by what God is doing around the world through the virtual avenue. FCA Virtual will also help coaches, athletes and teams to keep up with evolving ministry and training events in the field, as they unify leaders around a common rallying cry during a time of increased isolation.

The platform is the latest of many innovations through which FCA is investing in — and empowering —coaches, athletes, staff and volunteers across the world. According to Britton, the emboldening of its constituents is one of the most notable aspects of the FCA ministry.

“During my 30 years of serving with FCA, many people ask me what I love most about FCA,” Britton writes. “Besides keeping Christ at the center of our ministry for 65 years, I always say FCA loves to give away the ministry to volunteers. Our volunteers are the secret sauce! Since the very beginning, FCA has been a ministry of empowerment that desires to see disciples make disciples. We trust and believe in others! We are committed to not having white knuckles.”

FCA invites all coaches and athletes to step up their spiritual game and connect with Christian coaches and athletes through FCA Virtual.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes offers a host of resources at www.fca.org that equip coaches and athletes to find their identity 100% in Christ.

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