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Fellowship of Christian Athletes Witnessing Global Impact Through International Ministry

FCA International Now Serving in 62 Countries Through 164 Leaders and Reaching Tens of Thousands of Coaches and Athletes Through Camps, Huddles and Workshops

KANSAS CITY, Mo.—Over the past decade, the presence of Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA, www.fca.org) across the world has experienced tremendous growth, and FCA is now impacting tens of thousands in 62 countries through 164 international leaders.

FCA International recently released its annual International Report, which detailed incredible numbers and uplifting testimony of those entering into relationship with Jesus Christ through FCA programs.

“It’s humbling to see how God is using our international leaders around the world,” said Executive Director of International Ministry Dan Britton. “God’s allowed FCA to have a presence in 62 different countries, and over the past year, God has mobilized local leaders in these countries to have a vision for coaches and athletes. It’s been a blessing to see our U.S. regions and our leaders here in America identify and align with their global regions to PRAY, GIVE and GO to serve and meet specific needs in these areas, which has allowed our ministry to explode. We believe this next year will be one of the most significant years ever for FCA International. For more than 60 years, God has allowed us to serve in 4 percent of the world’s population in the U.S.—96 percent is outside the U.S.! So the scalability and opportunities are great.”

FCA International led or facilitated nearly 300 international Camps, with more than 40,000 in attendance. The ministry also hosted 876 Huddles, attended by nearly 22,000. FCA International reached coaches through more than 100 3D Coaching Workshops, attended by 4,743 coaches—an increase of more than 1,500 over last year. Through all FCA International events and efforts—and by God’s grace—6,667 outside the U.S. made first-time commitments to Christ.

Since 2007, FCA has been reaching coaches and athletes internationally, beginning with just five Camps impacting 760 competitors.

“Over the past 11 years, God has breathed on the international movement, and FCA has significantly grown in Camps, Huddles and 3D Coaching Workshops,” said Silas Mullis, FCA International Director of Field Support. “From Olympic Committees to Youth Programs, the 3D Coaching training has been catalytic, providing coaches a clear game-plan to capture the hearts of their players. FCA has continued to expand our Bible resources by providing Sport Bible Handbooks in Spanish, Korean and Russian, with a Thai Sport New Testament coming soon. Next year, Portuguese, French and Mandarin will be added. These resources equip and empower the coaches and athletes to effectively develop ministry and reach more competitors. FCA’s vision is to reach every coach, every athlete, every team, every community in every country! The Gospel is indeed spreading throughout the whole world and bearing fruit.”

FCA International regularly receives feedback from those impacted across the world:

Those who want to connect to FCA International can become involved in three ways:

  1. PRAY: Select an FCA International ministry and pray over its specific needs and requests. Visit www.FCAworld.org/pray.
  2. GIVE: Learn how you can give your resources, time, skills and finances to invest in a specific FCA International ministry. Visit www.FCAworld.org/give.
  3. GO: Learn about upcoming opportunities and trips to serve in one of FCA’s international fields. Visit www.FCAworld.org/go.

Read more about Fellowship of Christian Athletes here or FCA International here. For more information about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, visit FCA’s web site at www.fca.org, its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/fcafans or its Twitter feed, @fcanews.